What Is Dr. Simeon’s HCG Diet Protocol?

So what is this whole HCG Diet thing all about, anyway?

As the HCG Diet‘s greatest success story, it is inarguablely the fastes, most elegant way for the obese to take off a large amount of fat and inches quickly, safely — and have the metabolism reset so you can keep it off for life.

Dr. Oz on the HCG Diet
HCG Diet for the 21st Century

But more specifically it’s a weight loss program based on the 500 calorie HCG Diet protocol developed in the 1950’s by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, MD.

Over the course of the late 40’s and throughout the 50’s, Dr. Simeons developed the HCG Diet protocols for his affluent clientele among Italy’s elite.

He discovered when he used HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) with a VLCD (Very Low Caloric Diet, typically 500 calories a day), his patients suddenly started losing about a pound a day – with no loss of muscle mass.

Simeons also discovered there are three types of fat, two of which the body needs to survive, but the third is a fat the body doesn’t process and stores as “unwanted fat,” e.g., the fat typically around the accumulation areas of the body – abdomen, arms, the back and thighs.

Combined with the VLCD, his HCG Diet weight loss protocol targets these stores of fat the body cannot process.

Additionally, his HCG Diet’ing protocol suppresses hunger while on the diet, and produces other short and long-term results by resetting the metabolism and preventing future weight gain.

His wealthy patients were thrilled at this new way to quickly and safely lose weight and for much of seventies it pretty much stayed within that small circle of patients until he compiled his protocols into a report, Pounds & Inches: A New Approach To Obesity.

If It’s So Great, What Hasn’t My Doctor Heard Of The HCG Diet?

Not only are today’s medical professionals flooded with more information than they can possibly track, but there is a lot controversy surrounding the HCG diet with the debate divided into two camps.

In one camp is the FDA and the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, they claim there is no evidence using the Simeons protocol (Rx HCG injections plus a 500 calorie per day HCG diet) results in weight loss.

In the other camp? Hundreds of thousands of satisfied (and leaner) HCG Diet consumers who:

• Lost significant weight (1 pound or more per day)
• Experienced little to no hunger while on the diet
• Experienced no loss of muscle (muscle loss is common in many diets after a certain point)
• Shed fat in their “problem areas” (abdomen, thighs and other fat accumulation sites)
• Reset their metabolism to a “normal” rate where they could eat without fear of regaining the weight

In 2007 Kevin Trudeau’s controversial book, The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About created a huge surge in the HCG Diet’s popularity and for many, this re-introduced a new generation of the mainstream public to the benefits of the HCG Diet. Trudeau proved it’s workability to himself and the world when he lost 36 pounds in 5 weeks.

Predictably, the book drew attacks from some medical researchers who challenged the effectiveness of the HCG Diet in weight loss.

These researchers agreed with the FDA, that the HCG in the HCG Diet protocol was not effective in weight loss, and cautioned patients about the possible side effects of the Rx HCG on the HCG Diet, ranging from blood clots to ovarian hyper-stimulation.

Trudeau’s response was, “There is absolutely no documentation or substantiation backing up and proving these negative statements (regarding HCG being dangerous and ineffective) are true.”

He also accused the researchers of not following the Simeons original 500 calorie HCG Diet protocol, therefore invalidating their findings.

And after examining the details of their findings, I can tell you that it is a fact: the researchers failed to follow the original Simeons HCG Diet protocol by substituting foods which were not part of the original protocol.

Personally, I don’t like Trudeau, but he was right about that.

Understandably, if you eat foods high in fat while on the HCG Diet then your body will think it’s already releasing enough fats stores into the bloodstream, and you will quit losing the weight.

Though he has been a stalwart a defender of the HCG Diet, Trudeau did his own “modifications” of Simeons’ original HCG Diet protocols and included additional steps that are not necessary to successfully lose weight on the HCG Diet; such as a cleanse before starting the diet, vitamin supplementation and other steps.

Scientific Proof The HCG Diet Works

In 2009, the Oral HCG Research Center published its findings: “Oral HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) for obesity treatment: a Double-Blind study: Recent findings on HCG oral preparation and photographic results.

This study shows there was definite, significant weight loss when the test subjects followed Simeons’ HCG protocols.

Regardless of the controversy, the 500 calorie HCG Diet protocol, when followed, achieves the quickest weight loss and has a host of long-term benefits provided by the resetting of the metabolism.

500 Vs 800 Calorie HCG Diet Protocols – Which Is Best?

These days the HCG Diet world is divided into two protocol camps: the 500 calorie HCG Diet protocol and the 800 calorie one. For a in-depth look, see my article:  why the 800 calorie HCG Diet protocol has ethical and functional problems… 

There is a third protocol using homeopathic HCG but since it has none of the HCG hormone in it (despite its name) then it is not considered legitimate.

Hope this  helps you on your HCG Diet Journey!

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