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This is the second most recommended overseas HCG supplier I’ve found to date. After researching through many companies, these are the ones I returned to each time I did another round of the HCG Diet.

I trust this company and have used them for over two years and all of my coaching students bought from them as well. Yes, while it is possible to find the HCG at lower prices elsewhere; all too often I have found the potency levels varies wildly from batch to batch, poor customer service and delayed deliveries.

However, I’ve never had those problems with

Here’s how to order your HCG and HCG mixing kit…

You’re going to need a 43 day supply of HCG and you’re going to need a sublingual mixing kit for the same period of time. Now listen up, because the HCG and the mixing kits are sold separately, okay?

1.) Click this link: HCG Pregnyl 5000 I.U. (High Purity) . 5000 IU’s will last 15 days so you will need to order 3 vials if you are doing the 43 day program.

And make sure you get the “High-Purity” version, because let me tell you, it really is a higher potency than any previous version I’ve purchased from them or anyone else. There’s High-Purity HCG and the there’s regular strength HCG — which is better? Read Is High-Purity HCG Worth The Money? to find out.

2.) Add it to the shopping cart

3.) Next, click here to order your mixing kit: HCG Diet kits for use with 5000 IU HCG (Sublingual)

4.) Select the 43 Day kit (order the vials, not the ampoules)

HCG 43 Day Mixing Kit

HCG 43 Day Mixing Kit

5.) Add it to your shopping cart, too

6.) If this is your first time ordering HCG and you don’t have a prescription, then will write you a perscription based on your height-weight ratio and other factors. More on that in a moment:

7.) After successfully adding all your products to the shopping cart (now you see why I had you add everything to the cart first), follow the prompts until you reach the signup page.

8.) Enter the necessary shipping and billing information to proceed with the next step of your order.

9.) Next, you’ll be taken to their medical profile page and depending on your situation; you may or may not need to complete it.

If you do not already have a prescription from your local doctor…
Then requires you to complete their medical profile which asks you the same questions a physician would ask if you were meeting face-to-face for a physical consultation. The information you provide will be reviewed to ensure there are no complications or conflicts with the product(s) you are ordering from their online drugstore. The physician will review each order very carefully and it is up to their professional discretion whether they approve or disapprove the order based on the medical data you have provided. If there are problems or questions that arise, you will be contacted to rectify them.

IMPORTANT! The online physician is here to help you with your medical conditions, so be truthful in filling out your profile! Please be sure to read their terms and conditions about the legal issues involved in obtaining a online medical consultation. Remember that you are responsible for your own health and must always have your local physician’s approval before placing your order. Also note that  NEVER uses, sells, rents, or trades any of your personal details with anyone. They use them only for the purpose of completing the escrow service and nothing more.

That’s it! You should have your package in 2-4 weeks (2 weeks if you got expedited shipping), sometimes a bit longer if they’re backordered — so always plan well in advance, okay?

10.) Lastly, when you get your HCG and you’re ready to mix, ping me and I’ll send you a link to mixing videos that won’t screw up your HCG (like some of the wild ones on YouTube).

Ready to get U.S. FDA-approved, high-potency HCG and supplies at overseas prices? Then go here for your exclusive deal…

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