My Last Gutless In Seattle HCG Diet Article

HCG Diet Finale: This is my last post here on Gutless In Seattle. Summary for Those Who Don’t Like To Read: There will be no new articles posted here at Gutless In Seattle This is the last article to be posted Gutless In Seattle will remain an open, free resources for beginning HCG Dieters worldwide […]

[VIDEO] The “Line In The Sand” HCG Diet Whiteboard Talk

Have you set one yet for after your HCG Diet? Do you know what your Line In The Sand Weight even is? Do you know when you should define it? Do you know how should you define it? Look Job #1 for you, once you’ve lost the weight on the HCG Diet, is to keep […]

“Help! My Husband’s Eating BBQ While I’m On The HCG Diet!”

You’re on your HCG Diet Journey but your family is not supporting you. In fact, your spouse continues to what whatever he or she wants while you have a limited menu for six weeks. So, what do you do? Unfortunately, this is all too common. But it’s not always the family’s fault. Maybe you didn’t […]

“How Many Rounds Are Too Many On The HCG Diet?”

Are you on the HCG Diet merry-go-round? Know someone who is? Lol… I don’t know about you but I know a lot of those! And see ’em every day online, asking the one question that will hurt more than help them. But you’ve seen them too, right? Those HCG Dieters going on 6, 8 even […]

[VIDEO] How To Reverse Engineer A Great HCG Diet Round

Want to get in one last round of the HCG Diet before the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holiday season? Then hurry up and watch this because you’re about to miss the deadline… In fact, time is so short, this is the raw footage sans opening and closing and no special effects. Just me and […]

“If This Is Not Part Of Your HCG Diet Journey, It Should Be…”

This article is for the After phase (P4) of your HCG Diet Journey. What is your Line In The Sand Weight? And when should you define it? How should you define it? Before, During or After your HCG Diet Journey? You’ve gotta have one, you know. ‘Else how will you keep from regaining the weight, […]

HCG Diet Question Answered: “Is High-Potency HCG Worth The Money?”

How To Reverse Engineering A Great HCG Diet Before The Holidays

Want to get in one last round of the HCG Diet before the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holiday season? Then listen up because this is for you. In order to lose the most fat and inches on each round of your HCG Journey, you need to plan intelligently. Every minute you spend planning your […]

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