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I’m building a motivation wall for all HCG’ers — past, current and those yet to come. It’s also a proof page, if you will, so others can see what’s possible for them on the HCG diet by reading about your great successes.

It’s a way to show them that done correctly and scientifically, the HCG Diet does work and can work for them.  And as for you, whether you knew it at the time or not, if you took action on anything I said and applied it, then you were applying a scientific, rational process that works. Plus, in doing so you’ll be helping me take a bite out the obesity epidemic and by telling your stories of possibility.

All you have to do is share how my tips, tricks and posts have helped you on your journey with the HCG diet.  It would sure help me out and would help me help thousands more who are just like you used to be — overweight and unhappy about it.

So, if I’ve helped you on your journey on the HCG Diet over the last 3 years, would you take the next few minutes and tell me about it? I’ve made it super easy below. I’ve asked 2 leading questions and all you have to do is finish them in your own words.

The winning entry will be announced Dec 17, 2010.
Multiple entries are allowed.

To be eligible, complete the 2 sentences below and submit your entry before midnight Pacific, December 14, 2010.  All entries will be reviewed by impartial members of Team HCG.
If your entry is selected as the BEST one, you will win a FREE seat at an upcoming HCG Diet Success Coaching Program for you, or if you’ve already lost all the weight you want to lose and just want to maintain and keep you great results (without gaining them back), then you’ll win instead a membership in the upcoming P3+ Peak Performance Platinum membership program.

EXTRA CONSIDERATION will be given for Before and After photos and video testimonials. Including Before and After shots or a video of talking about how I’ve helped you would definitely put you ahead of someone with a text testimonial.

Of course, you’ll increase your chances of winning by giving a lots of details, Using specific facts/figures and being chockful of  emotional, tangible benefits that others could readily identify with (for example, “Walter’s coaching helped me lose 20 lbs. and 15% body fat more than previous rounds I did on my own…” something like that).

Your story should Touch, Move and Inspire others who have yet to take the journey you have taken.

To qualify, please finish the following  2 sentences:

1. Walter’s tips, tricks and posts have helped me in the following ways

(What did you learn that you didn’t know before? How is your life different since you lost weight? What can you do now that you weren’t able to do before? Oh, and remember to say how much weight and body fat you lost, too!)
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2. My BIGGEST Take-Away/s from what Walter taught me was

Remember the deadline for your entry is:

Midnight Pacific, December 14, 2010

Thank you for sharing your story so others may benefit from your experience.

For videos and pictures, just send them to mail(at)gutlessinseattle(dot)com, okay?

(By submitting this entry you authorize SmartStuff Media Publishing to use your comments to market future events and products.)

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