HCG Diet Now Has U.S. FDA Pharmacy HCG At Overseas Prices! Part 2

You don’t know this but oftentimes, it’s what happens behind the scenes that is most interesting about the HCG Diet.

So I and the CEO of Nu Image Medical have been working on this little deal for you HCG Diet for months.

And I gotta tell ya, it was really hard to keep my mouth shut, but I knew it would be even harder to get your hopes up, only to dash them if the deal didn’t pan out and we couldn’t give you a deep discount on each round of your HCG Diet.

But we finally got the deal inked, Team HCG has checked out and tested Nu Image’s HCG on their own HCG Diet journeys, and I’m very happy with what I’ve seen. Our purity test results match random samplings of their HCG batches so I’m a happy, happy guy and they all came in at 97.6 – 98.3% (you won’t find higher).

On or off the HCG Diet, I like it when the numbers match up. It makes me smile.  🙂

‘But Walter,’ I hear you say, ‘what about the cheaper overseas pharmacies for ordering HCG Diet supplies?’ Hey, they’re still out there, a couple are good and I still wouldn’t recommend them — but for the life of me, why you would still want to order illegally from an overseas pharmacy when you can now get it in the U.S. at overseas pricing?

You want to start your HCG Diet journey right now, so do you really still want wait for the package to arrive however it arrives (in whatever condition it arrives in), take a chance on it getting held up in Customs, then having to call the offshore pharmacy up and have to prove to someone else in another country that you’re not trying to pull a fast one by ripping them off?


Now you won’t have to do that anymore… well, not unless you really, really want to. Some of you are into torturing yourselves, so I’ll understand if you still order from the Far East.

I finally got you something better! Something that keeps the money and business here in the States. Do you have any idea how many MILLIONS of dollars we, the HCG Diet buying public, sends to foreign countries every year? To the governments of countries who may or may not be friendly to us, just so we can get the HCG we need for our HCG Diet journeys?

Ehhhttt… those days are over.

Word of caution though — if you choose not to order through my link and go straight to Nu Image’s site to order — then you’re going to pay more, bottom-line.

So buy smart and make sure you use the correct link, okay? I’m lookin’ out for ya on or off the HCG Diet, here. I didn’t go through all this trouble just so you could pay more each round of your HCG Diet journey, capiche?

There’s an even better deal on larger amounts of HCG but in order to get that deal, you have to be in my HCG Diet Success Coaching Program and you have to have ordered your HCG through the exclusive coaching program link in the Welcome email. No exceptions.

It’s a bonafide Gutless In Seattle/HCG Diet Success Program exclusive.

You’ll get none of that with any other person in the HCG diet field, coach or otherwise.

So this is going to be HUGE. Now that I’ve secured for you safe, FDA, U.S. pharmacy at overseas prices, then soon the question becomes , ‘Why should I order HCG illegally from overseas pharms when I can get those great prices here in the United States?’

I mean, that’s why we’ve all ordered from the overseas pharms when we were on the HCG Diet, and put up with orders taking 6-10 weeks to get because it was hung up in Customs, right? Or the US Post Office inexplicably just sent the package back because ‘it looked foreign.’

Kiss all that HCG Diet agina goodbye.

I’m excited. Can you tell?

And I had a lot of input into the design of our order form because Nu Image’s CEO gave me unprecedented free rein to do this.

And he did that not just because I’m a nice guy. He did that because as an American, he shares my dismay at sending all that HCG Diet money overseas when we could use it right here in this economy. To boost OUR economy.

Something else that just got better — remember when you had to make sure you got the “high-purity” HCG from the overseas pharmacies? No more! Nu Image sells only high-purity. How cool is that? And we tested so I know it really is a consistently higher potency than any previous version I’ve purchased from any ‘ole HCG Diet pharmacy.

So what’s the big deal about High-Purity HCG or regular strength HCG — which is better for your HCG Diet?

You can read Is High-Purity HCG Worth The Money? to get a complete one-stop education on which HCG to buy for your next HCG Diet journey.

Ready To Get Started? It’s As Simple As 1-2-3-4…

Step 1: Select Your HCG Diet package

Step 2: Complete a short online medical evaluation

Step 3: Quick Approval

Within just a few minutes you will receive your approval* and supporting documentation

Step 4: Fastest Delivery

Your HCG Diet Kit will be shipped directly to you from their FDA-Approved U.S. Pharmacy in Florida. You’ll have in a matter of days, not weeks. You can even order before 12N Eastern and get it tomorrow if you’d like.

hcg diet drops

* (100% Money Back Guarantee if not medically accepted by the physician)

So as you can probably tell, I’m a little excited about this opportunity for you. If you want to read more to get the HCG Diet full story, then click here

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