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The HCG Diet – What’s True & What Is Not?

There you are looking for the straight truth about it and seems everyone saying something different. Then you come to Gutless In Seattle here, but there are now so many posts and comments to comb through, you don’t have the patience or the time.

Few are willing to dig through the Comments under each post on this little HCG Diet Blog That Could and/or use the Search Box to find the answer.

Some of you are on Facebook almost exclusively, others feel the same about Twitter and still others prefer email. So a lot of different venues for the HCG Diet, each with their own advantages/disadvantages.

So I get a lot of  Facebook messages, emails and Twitter requests, most of which I don’t have the bandwidth to answer like I’d want to.

But there are so many of you having really smart and well-thought-out questions about the HCG Diet that demand equally great answers.

As you know, I have a larger vision and mission than selling a coaching program — ending childhood obesity as an “epidemic” within the next generation. To that end, if I answer your question in one of those other HCG Diet channels, you’re the only one the benefits from it.

If I answer it here, publicly, thousands of HCG’ers can learn and as time goes on, ultimately millions.

The HCG Diet Solution:
 This page (hopefully!). Ask your question the Comment section below and I or someone on Team HCG will answer them.

This is a little experiment to see if this solves both our problems — you have one place to ask questions and I have a central place from which to answer them.

Okay… just post your question in the Comments below and then I’ll reply to your comment there.

Oh yeah, before I forget…

Who else do you know that could benefit from having their questions answered about the HCG Diet and losing 30+ lbs. in the next 40 days? Then how about giving them access to the guy who’s been called “the most successful HCG diet’er, ever!”?

Feel free to forward this page to your family and friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

Let me know what you thought about today’s HCG Diet post by leaving a comment in the “Leave A Comment” box below.

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