HCG Diet Question Answered: “Is High-Potency HCG Worth The Money?”

How To Reverse Engineering A Great HCG Diet Before The Holidays

Want to get in one last round of the HCG Diet before the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holiday season? Then listen up because this is for you. In order to lose the most fat and inches on each round of your HCG Journey, you need to plan intelligently. Every minute you spend planning your […]

Which Is The Correct Dose Of HCG On The HCG Diet?

This is for the Before phase (also known as P1) of your HCG Diet Journey… …even though you’ll be using it during the During Phase (was Phase 2). Are you using the correct dose while on your HCG Diet Journey? How do you know that you are using exactly the right amount of HCG and […]

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