My Best HCG Life Lessons: “You Can’t Save Them All, Walter”

Best HCG Diet Rescue: NEW MIC-Ultra Burn Solves Phase 3 & 4 Problems

Best HCG Brand Case Study 2: Homeopathic HCG Guy’s Disaster

Best Brand HCG Diet Case Study: This Guy’s Dumbassed Homeopathic HCG Mistake

HCG Diet Madhouse! One Flew Over The Cuckoo HCG Dieter’s Nest

It’s the HCG Diet and it’s not the Planet Of The Apes, nooooo… but still, β€œIt’s a madhouse. A MADHOUSE!”* Remember Chuck Heston shouting that after realizing the apes were not only the dudes in charge, but they also talked? “What Do You Think Of My New HCG Diet Protocols?” Inside my head Chuck is […]

2nd Best HCG Diet Phase 2 Tool: NEW MIC-Ultra Burn

HCG Diet Myths Exposed: Doctor Claims She'll Gain It ALL Back

Face it… most doctors are ignorant about the HCG Diet. [responding to reader’s comment on a previous post] Maria, Most doctors know little the HCG diet and that’s not their fault, medical science is going so fast and they’re chronically overworked. Not all of them can keep up. When I started, I was really trepidatious […]

Best HCG Diet Tools: NEW MIC-Ultra Burn Oral Caps For All Phases!

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