How The HCG Diet Made Me A Coffee ‘Ho

I don’t know who to blame first, having Starbucks on every corner luring me to its shores with its siren song of sweet caffeine fixes to come, or the HCG Diet. See, while you’re on HCG, you are limited to 500 calories a day of food consumption (the hormone flushes the remaining 2,000 calories most adults need […]

She's Mad As Hell About Crooked HCG Diet Doctor Overcharging Her

Mad As Hell About Crooked HCG Diet Doctors And Clinics

Sometimes, doesn’t it seem you can’t trust anyone on the HCG Diet? Several times a week I get asked to recommend a local doctor to folks so they can get their HCG prescription and it’s something I’m happy to do. On Facebook, Jackie recently asked me for a recommendation and I thought I’d share my […]

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