H1N1 Flu Targets Fat People — HCG Diet Breaking News

As if you needed one more reason to get healthy… as if you needed yet one more dire warning about the dangers of carrying around too much weight and drop all the fat off your body… health officials now tell us the H1N1 pandemic wants you… to die, apparently. Or at the very least, [Read […]

HCG Diet Tips Part 2: My 2 Pound Strategy And Tactic

My Favorite HCG Diet 2 Pound Strategy & Tactic If I find I’ve gained 2 pounds or more then I cut back the number of calories I take in each day and skip the nightly dessert until the excess weight is history. Simple, right? It’s the old Carrot and Stick conditioning from operant psychology. Skipping […]

More HCG Diet Success Tips: What Should She Do About Loose, Excess Skin?

It’s the HCG Diet, you’re losing a ton of fat, but what do you do about all the loose, excess skin? [response to comment on a previous blog post] “Jodi, I shed 157 lbs during 3 rounds on the protocols, so that was A LOT of fat shed in short period of time. I did some bodyweight […]

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