[HCG Diet 5 Lessons Learned] More Lesson Learned #1: The “Eat More To Lose More” Fallacy

Major HCG Diet Corrections… Like I was saying in the last part of Lessons Learned 01… You can’t eat more calories a day with the HCG in your system and expect to lose as much as someone who’s following the original 500 calorie protocol created by Dr. Simeons. Lol… But hey… what the heck do […]

[HCG Diet 5 Lessons Learned] Lesson Learned #1 (cont’d): Which Plan SHOULD You Follow?

So in the first part of lesson one I talked about the need for an official HCG Diet manual… and the problems of having no official manual, no official document for the HCG diet protocol that hasn’t been altered many times over the years. Most often by unqualified professionals. So the big question is  which […]

[HCG Diet 5 Lessons Learned] Lesson Learned #2 – Which Phase Is The Most Important?

“I want to know which HCG Diet Phase is the most important?” I get asked this all the time. The short answer is all of them. But that’s not very helpful, is it? So, the HCG Journey is divided up into four phases. Phase 1: this is your loading phase. Now a lot of people […]

[HCG Diet 5 Lessons Learned] Lesson Learned #4: Sublingual vs. Shots

The HCG Diet’s Biggest Controversy:  two forms of sublingual vs. shots. Before we get into the whole shots vs drops thing, there’s a more important matter that must be addressed first: the quality of your HCG. Don’t be fooled, but the quality of HCG does vary and it does impact your results. If you don’t […]

[HCG Diet 5 Lessons Learned] Lesson Learned #5 The Ultimate Prize

 This is the whole point of the HCG Diet, yeah? Being Fit & Lean for Life. It’s what the entire journey is ultimately about. So, keeping your eye on the prize, I get it. There are times that the HCG Diet can seem to be more trouble than it’s worth. But that’s simply because you […]

[HCG Diet 5 Lessons Learned] More Lesson Learned #5: Summing it all up

Summing it all up, this was my first two weeks of my HCG Diet: Massive migraines, ravenous hunger and weak as a kitten. The first couple weeks of my HCG Diet Journey, Round 1 were not going well. That first round was nearly deep-sixed before it even began because I was following a lot the […]

[HCG Diet 5 Lessons Learned] Lesson Learned #4: HCG Drops Or Troches?

Last time we covered the absolute best way to take your HCG while on your HCG Diet Journey. Now the sublingual HCG is a different cat entirely. And there are two forms of it and they form are the second and third effective ways to take your HCG. The second best way to take your […]

[HCG Diet 5 Lessons Learned] More Lesson Learned #5: Some of My Favorite Results

Want to know my favorite HCG Diet results? Keeping it off all these years and helping others do the same. That’s it, bottom-line. I created a list of my favorite things and those of other folks from their HCG Journeys: Having the ability to do new things Keeping up with the kids Being able to […]

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