Best HCG Diet Soda Tip: Stevia Diet Soda On P2?!

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Soda Makes You Fat. Period.

The HCG Diet… isn’t it astonishing the amount of misinformation still out there about it?

About what you can and cannot have?

Answered this on someone else’s Facebook page and thought you would want to know the answer, as well…

Q: Can I have Zevia diet soda while on the HCG Diet?

One person seeking to be helpful answered “Yes” because of the stevia. But I respectfully disagreed…

“Well, yes and no. While it’s true that Zevia has stevia in it, that’s not the problem. The problem is the carbonation — in it or any soda. See, that carbonation traps the fat cells and keeps them from being released.

Have you ever wonder why, with all the diet sodas on the market, why obesity is still an epidemic? This is one of the main reasons.”

But let’s take a look at the deplorable state of dieting and obesity in the country…  even the world. Because even a diet like the HCG diet, as elegant as it is, if it’s not done right then it will suffer the same fate as every other diet you’ve been on.

See, it’s not your fault all those diets failed you. They were designed  to fail you, did you know that? See, the diet industry has utterly failed you and all the rest of us by not giving us the tools we need to lose the fat and inches at a reasonable rate and then keep it off.

You know, tools like the HCG Diet.

In fact, things are worse than ever! Just look at all the confusion in the market by the homeopathic “HCG diet drops” frauds. There’s no real Rx HCG in those drops, but people buy it because:

  1. It’s cheap and they’re thinking cheap, not smart
  2. They don’t know any better – they haven’t educated themselves about the nature of homeopathic HCG

Just since Dr. Simeons created the original HCG diet protocol on the 50’s, food science and technology have improved over those 60 years. But where are we today? Are we better off for those advances?

Not really. As a nation, as a world – we’re fatter than ever! How could that be?

If nothing else, you’d think that with all the diet sodas floating around, that alone would start us down the road to sleek and lean.

But it hasn’t and you know why? The carbonation in the soda actually traps the fat and prevents it from being released. And that’s to say nothing about the artificial sweeteners that actually make you fatter.

Easy enough to do on the HCG Diet.

To sum up the results of a recent study on drinking diet sodas for weight loss: “The first and most successful step to losing weight is eliminating all sugar-sweetened beverages from your diet.”

Which sodas, diet or otherwise make you fatter? ALL of them!

Which sodas can you have while on the HCG Diet? NONE of them!

Know what one common thing all overweight folks have? They ALL guzzle down diet soda. Lots of it. In fact, it’s almost an addiction. For most it already is.

It was for me. When I was tipping the scales at 340+ and big enough that Goodyear kept trying to write their name on me, I was guzzling down 2-3 Diet Cokes or Diet Pepsis a day. At least one with each meal.

When you’re on a limited time weight loss sprint like the HCG Diet, then any delay creates a problem and any carbonate drink produces stalls at the least and usually gains.

Best to leave the sodas alone, diet or otherwise until you’re in P4 and then, only sparingly. But it would be wise to use the momemtum from your HCG Diet journey and just skip sodas althogether.

Today, 5 years after my thrid and final round on the HCG Diet, I rarely have soda of any kind and when I do, I make it a regular and leave the diet crap alone.

How about you?

Stay Gutless.

So, what did you think? Let me know what you thought about today’s HCG Diet post. Just leave a comment in the “Leave A Comment” box below.

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  1. Haqqeye says:

    I am curious about your statement that the “carbonation traps fat cells”. Do you have any evidence of that? I would like to know where that came from, if you don’t mind. Thanks much!

  2. KJ says:

    I was reading the comments on the diet sodas.  I did not know that carbonation is a bad thing.  Can’t you drink mineral water on Phase 2?  My understanding is that the chemicals in sodas, especially diet, are what make you fat.

    Please let me know about the mineral water.  Today is the first day of phase 3 and I drank it daily in phase 2………….GREAT…….


  3. Coach Walter says:

    It’s not just the chemicals, KJ. Carbonation, ANY kind of carbonation traps the fat cells and inhibits their release.

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