My Best HCG Diet Success Tip: Demand The COA!

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Latest Purity Report on Nu Image’s HCG

When going on the HCG Diet, real Rx (pharmaceutical) HCG requires a prescription from a doctor.

There’s no getting around it. Which is a good idea to see one before you ever do anything like go on a diet — HCG protocol or otherwise.

Why? Because if you’ve been overweight or obese for any lengthy period of time you have other health issues that may need to be dealt with.

But there’s something that most don’t know it ask for: the pharmacy’s Certificate Of Analysis, also known as a COA. What’s an HCG COA?

Knowing what I know now about the HCG diet, what I would do different today is that I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use HCG they got from their doctor, if that doctor couldn’t produce a COA — a Certificate Of Analysis.

I wouldn’t order from anywhere that I couldn’t see the COA first.


And that’s why I work exclusively with Nu Image Medical because their pharmacy sends me one each month. Willingly. Cheerfully.

Well, maybe not always so cheerfully… I mean, they do have a lot of other things to do.

But they know I’m looking out for you. I look out for the folks. It’s what I do. And they do it because I demand it and will stop recommending them in heartbeat if it ever dips below 98.3% (the highest in the world, btw) and/or if they quit willingly providing it.

Because let me tell you this: if a pharmacy won’t produce one, something’s wrong. And before you plunk down your hard-earned money, you better find out why.

Those are my standards and I won’t tolerate anything less. When I put my name and reputation behind something, it damn well better be the best — or else I’ll find someone who is.

The COA – What Does It Have To Do With Your HCG Diet?

And why is it so vital to a successful HCG Diet and how does that guarantee your metabolism resets? I did a whole article on it here: Here’s what to look for and what to ask for:

The COA – Best HCG Diet Guarantee for Success.

Look, if your doctor – be they Naturopath, Chiropractor, Nurse Practitioner, GP, whatever; if they can’t show you the COA from the pharmacy that compounded the HCG for them, then walk away.

Have you bought your HCG from a doctor who ‘mixed it up themselves’ and you later wondered if it was any good? Tell me about it in the Comments.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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  1. Ktfletcher2008 says:

    So I am ordering from Nu Image… just finished with homeopathic sublingual with decent results considering I did not follow the plan perfectly… do I need to take a break before starting the new drops since the old ones probably did not have much HCG?

  2. Coach Walter says:

    I think you need to read my response to this homeopathic to understand why you only got “decent” instead of stellar results:

    I do think you need to take a break and get your head in the game. Get in touch with your Driving Force, you motivation for going on the HCG journey in the first place. What stopped you from following the protocol as outlined (whichever one you were following)?

    And I’m really curious… what made you decide to go with Rx HCG after doing the homeopathic non-HCG version? Care to enlighten me?

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