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The Spirit Of An HCG Diet Sucess Member

I call the members of my HCG Diet Success Club names behind their backs. I admit it.

Weekly, I and TeamHCG are privileged to watch amazing feats of personal courage, heroism and victories. Nothing that would make the evening news, mind you. But to each of these members? It’s Apollo moon landing BIG!

How they can do things they couldn’t do before losing all the fat and inches that held them up in life. Things such as:

  • Getting into a wedding dress for the first time in decades
  • Being able to bend over and tie one’s shoes for the first time in years
  • Being able to run the bases themselves
  • Loving the way they look in the mirror
  • Being able to keep up with the kids
  • Going shirtless on the beach for the first time — ever!*

So what else could I call them but what they are — “Warriors.”

Around the office I’ve been calling them this for some time but then one day a TeamHCG member said “Why don’t you tell them that?”

D’oh! Good question. More importantly, I didn’t have a good answer. So I’m rolling it out now. And when I say “warriors” I mean something different than what’s typically meant — I mean this secondary definition from the dictionary: “A person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics.”

Will You Qualify For The HCG Diet One Year Later Club?

That sure as hell describes my members going through the program and long after. We’ve got a bunch on track to be in our exclusive One Year Later Club — HCG diet’ers who’ve keep the flab and inches off 365 days (or more) since being coached by me.

Now… coming from 40 years in the marital arts, I also mean ‘warrior” in the traditional Japanese samurai sense — they were not only masters of the fighting arts; but all the other arts as well — painting, calligraphy and yes, even tremendous poets.

On all levels, mental, physical and emotional, the ancient samurai were perhaps the most well-rounded warriors in history.

And that sums up my guys and gals in the HCG Diet Success Coaching Programunstoppable warriors of body, mind and spirit.

Want to get your warrior on? Then it’s past time for you to get yourself into the next HCG Diet Success Coaching Program. It’s the ONLY done-for-you HCG Diet program that takes you by the hand and guides you to shedding more flab and inches than you could do on your own.

* = That’s a guy one. Suppose if this were the Riveria, then it could apply to the gals.

Stay Gutless!

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