HCG Diet Tips: How To Get The Fat And Inches Off Before Fall

HCG Diet Wake-Up Call Time!

Fall is almost upon us. Sure, calendar-wise it’s another couple of months off. But we’re talking about the HCG Diet here and you need a minimum of 6 weeks and a full 12 just to make sure your hypothalamus has reset and you have new mental and physical patterns in place in plenty of time.

Soon it will time for you to break out the Fall wardrobe, get into the skinny jeans and be ready to slide into that little black dress in time for the holidays. But… will you be ready in time?

So you need to act now because the HCG Diet is MUCH harder to do when you’re in the middle of the holidays. It’s not impossible, mind you. We’ve had people do it before. And… it’s much simpler to get the goo off before you’re surrounded by all the holiday temptations.

Trust me on this. Not only do I know it from personal experience, I also know it from coaching hundreds of members and working with thousands more online.

The ONLY Guaranteed HCG Diet Coaching Program

Look, by the time you finish my 90 day program you’ll KNOW exactly what to do around holiday sweets because I’ll take you by the hand, guide you through my done-for-you HCG Diet program, and then ensure your hypothalamus has its reset locked in once we get to Phase 3.

Then after that, I’ll spill my guts about everything we’ve learned about how to eat sensibly for the rest of your life and never gaining more than 5 pounds (if that).

TeamHCG and I are always discovering new things for you while on the HCG Diet and even more importantly, and breaking new ground with new discoveries for once you’re off the diet and into the rest of your life.

For example, if you’re a reader of my blog then you have learned how to eat if you have certain food allergies.

And here’s just another example, but this of something I keep just for my coaching members: in the last 60 days we’ve discovered a trio of inexpensive supplements that energizes the body, burns fat off wicked-fast  and makes your tummy feel full — all for less than 15 cents a day! Just one more key we give you to further seal your success in Phase 4.

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Look, if you’re serious about losing inches and pounds, there’s never going to be a better time with all the activity Fall brings:

  • Back to school events (PTA’s, parent-teacher conferences, etc.)
  • Weddings
  • Dinners with family and reunions
  • Holiday parties and events

Don’t sit out all the fun AGAIN this year. Secure your spot right now and be on your way to looking and feeling fabulous within days!

You won’t believe how GREAT you’ll feel when you start shedding fat and inches in the first few days and you can rest easy knowing that you have an expert guide to take you by the hand and guide you through to ultimate success on your diet.

Oh… almost forgot…

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Coach Walter




Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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