The Best HCG Diet Debate: Drops, Shots Or Troches?

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 Our little HCG Diet Fact Or Fiction Reality Check.

Here goes… whenever you have a choice of which way to take your HCG — shots, drops or troches, here’s a guideline developed over coaching thousands one-on-one through their HCG Diet journeys and thousands more online…

In order of getting the max HCG into your system during every single round of the HCG Diet, with no sublingual spillage (impossible), or losing several days of HCG from improper mixing and inaccurate dosing (even more impossible), in order of effectiveness, here they are:

  1. HCG Shots
  2. HCG Troches
  3. HCG Drops

Shots are best, if you can bring yourself do it. Not everyone can… or rather, not everyone is willing.

I know, I know… you may think you can’t — annd the truth is, you won’t. There’s an enormous gulf between what people are actually incapable of doing and what they will not do. Understanding the difference between the two in your own life is a HUGE key to success.

Look, I know. I get it. I hated needles (still do) and I was willing to overcome that fear in order the get the fat and inches off, and the HCG Diet was the fastest, safest way to make that happen.

Plus, the HCG Diet is known for resetting your metabolism and that doesn’t suck, either. 😉

What was my secret to being able to override my fear of needles so I could do my HCG Diet?

I had a fully-formed outcome and I committed myself whole-heartedly and absolutely to it.

I Willed myself to overcome my fear of needles through a round and a half of my HCG Diet journey and then ever since I’ve been taking the MIC-Ultra Burn — so every other day, I face down the needle again and again… and yes, it does get easier over time.

Simple as that. I had to. See, it all depends on how important that outcome is to you.

For me, since the HCG Diet was my chosen tool for transformation and because I was under an INTENSE deadline: I was under the threat of several life-threatening obesity-related diseases, plus my doctor was going to start prescribing medications for my high blood pressure and diabetes.

More importantly, I never wanted to be that guy — the hapless male who was on a prescription medication cocktail just because I couldn’t control my weight.

So, shots are best because the most HCG gets into your system of the 3 methods of taking HCG on the hCG Diet. Period!

Second best for your HCG Diet are the new HCG troches for pretty much the same reason as the shots.

The solid form of the troches won’t allow the HCG to spill out from under the sides of the tongue the way the HCG drops do.

The third and least effective way to take HCG are the “HCG Diet Drops.”

I swear, when I look at our database, at the records, at all the email and snail mail we get — it’s the drops that screw up more HCG Diets than anything else outside of homeopathic HCG drops.

The reason listed above is just one reason why they’re not as effective on the HCG Diet. The main reason however, is the one produced by human error. See, the WORST way to take HCG Drops is by mixing them yourself with any “Sublingual HCG Diet Mixing Kit.”*

Why? Because we’re all human and this is where most goof up their entire HCG Diet despite the best instructions on the world. I’m tellin’ ya, we have the best step-by-step mixing directions + a easy-to-follow vid and folks still manage to goof up their HCG Diet by the way they mix the drops!

The worst part of the mix-it-yourself thing while you’re on the HCG Diet? You’ll never know you goofed up mixing the HCG until it’s too late. By then you’re weeks into your HCG Diet journey and you’re not losing and you’re hungry, cranky and anxious…

By that time, you’ve lost anywhere from valuable days to maybe even weeks (depending on how quickly you act) — time you could have spent shedding fat and inches!

Ya know, the whole point of being on the HCG Diet in the first place!

If you’re going to use HCG Diet Drops…

If you must, if you insist, despite the fact there are 2 better, more effective ways to take your HCG — then the easiest and most effective way to take the HCG Drops are from Nu Image Medical.

And no, this is not an HCG Diet commerical for them, it’s just simply the facts. Nu Image has made the HCG sublingual mixing process (mostly) goof-proof. Moreso than any other company in the entire HCG Diet industry.

With their HCG Diet sublingual mixing kit (not the horrendous ones from the overseas pharmacies) all you get are 2 bottles. Simple, right?

But where are the HCG Diet kits? Not needed.

See, overseas pharmacies cut costs and corners everywhere, they’ll load you up with a really cheap “Sublingual HCG Diet Mixing Kit” chockful of a baffling array of glassware fit for a mad scientist’s chemistry lab, just to make it look like a lot to justify the cost.

And don’t get me started on their badly-translated-to-English instructions that pretend to tell you how to use all those syringes, bottles and other assorted what-nots. Don’t believe it’s that hard for most folks?

Then tell me why do you think there’s a whole YouTube culture that’s sprung up around just HCG mixing for each round of the HCG Diet?

But hoo-boy… those HCG Diet YouTube videos are just as confusing because they’re all shot badly – bad picture, no zoom and nails-on-the-chalkboard audio quality. You’ve seen these, yes?

But with Nu Image’s HCG Diet sublingual mixing, as per the directions on the label, you pour the ingredients from one bottle into the other, gently swirl — voila! Goof-proof HCG that you can be confident is mixed correctly for that round of your HCG Diet.

It’s still the regular 98.3% potency you’ve come to expect from Nu Image (the highest potency in the entire HCG Diet industry, btw).

However, with the HCG Diet drops, even the ones from Nu Image, you still have the problem of the HCG leaking out from under your tongue and into the other non-absorbent areas of your mouth.

Very little you can do about that. So there you have it, my patented No B.S. Straight Truth about the whole HCG Diet Shots vs Drops vs Troches debate backed by the meticulous research and experience you’ve come to expect from me and TeamHCG.

Is there something that you feel I left out? Then tell me in the comments below and I may add it in.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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