DSP 2.0 DTZM Downloads: Awakening Level 1-Disk 1

Okay, great seeing you here and congratulations!

Download this now while it’s in front of you because the link expires within 48 hours. For some of you, this is a second chance at getting something that you missed out out, so don’t dawdle.

Click here: DTZM-Awakening+Lv1-Dsk1TheDiveImmersion.zip

To download your first level of Deeper Than A Zen Monk, just click the file link below and then save to wherever you want on your PC.

Once you’ve done that then unzip the file and load them onto whatever device you use to play music.

Be sure and carefully follow the instructions included in the zip file.

Keep notes in your Tracker’s Journal tab so I can get an idea of how it’s working for you. Deal?

It’s not just for me, it’s for you to track as well. Remember, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. You will be surprised at how quickly the mental changes will come about when you use DTZM as instructed.

To download click here: DTZM-Awakening+Lv1-Dsk1TheDiveImmersion.zip

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