Best HCG Diet Success SuperTip: Got Un-Milk?

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HCG Diet Secret – Even Green Lantern Uses This Milk

How Milk Screws Up The HCG Diet

Want to know what can screw up your HCG Diet quicker than anything?


Food allergies. Hidden food allergies you didn’t know you had.

Are you allergic to dairy products? Are you sure? How do you know? Did you know that 60% of the world’s population cannot digest dairy and don’t even know it? Sixty percent!

Ok… really excited about this. We just got this from taping the latest series of lectures from our resident nutritionist and health expert Dr. Eric Klos.

The man is a medical and nutritional genius — he just said this in passing while he was answering another question, as if everyone knew this and it wasn’t really that important. He said…

HCG Diet Allergy Secret…

“If you’re allergic to dairy or even if you think you are — then use coconut milk.”


Seems it is not only more nutritious and better for you (to say nothing of tasting better!), it has none of the allergens in it that regular milk does. And you can now get it in most regular grocery stores.

On the way home from taping, we stopped to load up at our local Albertsons. Fred Meyer (part of the Kroger chain) and Safeway also have it.

If you find it elsewhere, sing out and let us know.

If you think this tip was helpful then just imagine what 90 days of hot tips and stratgies like this will do for your HCG experience… and for the rest of your life as you enjoy being free of the fear of the weight you worked so hard to take off coming back.

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Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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  1. Sherry says:

    OK so how do you know if you have food allergies….if you have never seemed to have a problem.

  2. Coach Walter says:

    You may have to have an allergy panel done. I never knew I was allergic to gluten until the HCG Diet removed all the other symtoms my body was coping with.

  3. Marie Fraser says:

    Interested in everything as you have the best reputation around and know your stuff! How can I access your coaching program from British Columbia, Canada? Who do you recommend ordering my pharmaceutical grade HCG drops from in Canada? Insulin dependent diabetic in need of your expert advise.

  4. Coach Walter says:

    Thanks for saying such nice things, Marie. Since you’re now a Platinum member, then please ask your questions via the support email and the team will take care of that.

    As far as being insulin dependent and a diabetic, hopefully you checked with your doctor before going on HCG.

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