HCG Drops In Weight: Fact Or Fiction?

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When you master the HCG Diet, the scale is your friend!

So, you’re on the HCG Diet and to add insult to injury, your home scales say you’re too fat to weigh.

Don’t you hate it when that happens? As test pilot Ben Grimm would say, “Whotta revoltin’ development.”

One of our 2.0 members is on the HCG Diet, but wants to know what to do about being too heavy for the home scale to measure? You’ve seen others have this problem, right? Or perhaps you yourself either had this problem or are in the middle of it right now.

Hi Guys,  Well I am on my 2nd day of vlcd and so far doing good….BUT.. (dont you hate it when someone says that)  I am frustrated with the scales.  I have tried 4 different ones..the last one is the “Biggest Loser Body Fat Scale”.  I am totally embarrassed.  ALL of them do not work for me as “my body fat is beyond the technical limit” and is unable to read my measurement of fat.  I am really upset that I can’t get my body fat amount.  They said that the scales only read between 5% and 60%.  So I guess that means that I am over 60% fat!!!  OMG how sad is that.  How in the world am I walking around?  Sorry I am stressing out on you. 

So I guess I wont be able to enter the contest….and that field in the tracker will be empty when I send it in.  Maybe Walter has some ideas of what to do.  Some good news…I lost 2 lbs first day.”


Did you catch what she realized despite all the despair? She knows…

tracking the numbers and tracking them accurately are a MAJOR key to success (can I tell you how much I love that she’s just a few days into her HCG diet journey and she’s already that diligent?). But she was despairing because she wants to enter the contest (2 days in and she’s already “In It To Win It!”) Gotta love that kind of spunk and drive!

Later on, I got another email from her…

“Wow Coach,  I am humbled by your story.  I relate so much to the struggles you have been through….you made me cry.  Thank you for being who you are and for your personal answer.  It has helped me pick myself up off the floor and keep on going no matter what.  I already have dropped 11 pounds in 4 days…yeah I know they say it is water and maybe it is but I am not carrying it around.  Right?  Thanks Walter”

So what is she talking about? I sent her a personal email that was a page from my journal about how I was faced with scales that yelled “TILT!” every time I got on them and how I solved the problem…

Hi Sherry,

I figured I’d answer this one myself since I’m the most uniquely qualified because I had the most drama around getting accurate readings on my home scale when I first started my HCG Diet journey.
So my point is: Don’t feel embarrassed because I had it far worse than you, as I’m about to illustrate…
I was so obese that our home digital scale would not measure how much I weighed. It seems it tapped out at 300 pounds (and I was 341) and then I would get the “OVER” message filling the display. And make matters even more embarrassing and insulting, that message would stay locked into the display until I reset the scales.

Oy Vey…
And worse the scales would measure about 29% body fat (but I didn’t know that at the time). So likely I was even more than 29% body fat and just had no way of measuring it at that point in time.
So here’s what I did. First I had to find a scale and finding a scale around here was no small trick.

I had to drive five miles to a local department store and they had scales for the public to use. One problem – their scales were in direct view of the entire front of the store, right where the cash registers are. People would come up with their shopping carts, groceries and such and I had to weigh in full view of them as I weighed myself.
Talk about public humiliation! To make matters worse, in order to get the most accurate weighing, you should weigh nude, right? But hey… I’m in a public place, I can’t strip down right there!
So before I left home, I had to weigh the clothes I was wearing and then subtracted that from the public scale’s number. Embarrassing and tedious!
And since one of the rules of the hCG protocol is that you have to weigh yourself each day, then every day first thing in the morning I had to trek down to the store and go through my public humiliation until thankfully, but, one day I weighed enough for the home scale start measuring.
I think I was actually happier about that than I was about losing 12 pounds over the first three days!
So it’s not unusual at all to have so much body fat that the scales won’t read it. It will just serve to make your victory all the more sweeter.
I like your ultimate solution, re: the online calculator. That’s fine until you get to a point where you actually have a reading from an actual physical instrument like your home scales.
Just keep in mind that the online calculators, due to the different algorithms that they use,  may or may not be accurate.
But here’s the thing about the numbers on this HCG diet thing: with where you’re starting from, it’s not really important to have the exact precise number, at least in the beginning. You just need an estimate and a consistent estimate so that you can measure against it.
So you can track and chart your progress as you move through your journey of mastery of the HCG dieting your physical body.
Does that make sense?
So I consider you perfectly qualified to enter the contest. Just use your best numbers get the estimates of how much body fat you have and get a reasonable measurement from your scale – and you’re good to go.
Oh, btw, you don’t need body fat percentage to enter the contest, did you know that? In the contest, you will be judged on the most percentage body weight lost, not body fat. It was the only way we could keep the playing field equal between the sexes.
Okay? So just wanted to clear up that little confusion, there. I like your diligence, Sherry! I like that it’s important for you to track the right numbers and I applaud that. Bravo, way to go!
I predict you’re going to do very, very well this round. Just you wait and see!

Do you have a similar story to tell like Sherry? Did you have it even worse than I did? Let’s hear it! Just put it into the Comments below.

Stay Tuned To Get Gutless.

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  1. Sherry says:

    OK…Wow!!!  Thanks for posting that Walter….Ya know, I figure if I have the problem…so does other people….maybe not as bad as I have it but still the same.  Working it through like you have has not only encouraged me….but helped me DECIDE that no matter what, I am sticking to it.  If I stick to it, it WILL work and I will be changed forever. 

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