HCG Diet Dangers: Why I Resigned From This LinkedIn Group

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Know how I warn you about the sheer volume of HCG Diet misinformation out there?

Here’s just the latest in HCG Diet trickery and it’s a dozy!

And it was my own stupid fault, I have only myself to blame.

Just sent this to the faux HCG Diet Weight Loss group in LinkedIn. I’m disappointed, I thought LinkedIn was above letting such twaddle on their platform.

Here’s the setup…

A member of the group asked what appears to be an honest question, but as you’ll see when you read what’s below, I suspected she was a homeopathic from the get-go and was asking a disingenuous leading question.

“Loralie” asked this:

“I’m looking for recommendations on which of the HCG Diet homeopathic programs to use. Any recommendations?”

You see why I’m suspicious now, don’t you? Not many folks are so specific in their request. Anyway here’s my reply and what turned out to be my final post to that group:

I’d love to help you out, but since you specified “homeopathic” non-HCG for your HCG Diet, then clearly you’ve set your path. Best of luck with that. And I really mean it. That was not a snarky remark.

I agree with Andreas because I know he’s done his research and science backs the lack of HCG in the homeopathic variation of the HCG Diet.

You should read what’s there at the the link he posted and rethink your path. That is, if you are indeed an honest seeker of an answer about the HCG Diet and not yet another homeopathic “plant” trying to spark up more business for your little HCG Diet store (a common discussion group tactic for the unscrupulous).

I disagree with the Prinsters (aka DIY HCG) and am sad to see them go in this direction.

While in 2006 and 2007 they authored what were once considered the definitive books on the HCG Diet, they have now gone over to the Dark Side by selling homeopathic HCG (and with all the big money behind their homeopathic company, you can bet the new books reflect their ‘new discovery about how hhcg works just as well as Rx HCG’).

[UPDATE: shortly after the first version of this article was written last Spring, the 800 calorie HCG Diet protocol “nurse” had a similar ‘miraculous (and convenient) conversion- all in the name of money and not helping the folks]

And their DIY HCG store is misleading when they claimed this: “We follow the original HCG diet plan Dr Simeons created in the 1950s.”

That’s B.S. because  the homeopathic HCG Diet protocol didn’t exist in the 50’s and as a medical professional and scientist, Dr. Simeon’s would have NEVER endorsed the homeopathic perversion of his HCG Diet protocol.

Look, I get it. If I could live with myself, I’d sell homeopathic HCG all day long (as I’ve detailed on the Gutless blog several times). Why? Because it’s hugely profitable and there are no FDA regulations on it because there is no governmental oversight on tap water in tiny bottles with pretty labels slapped on them with a 500% mark-up.

For the HCG Diet, Pharmaceutical HCG is subject to strict oversight and regulation and thus it does cost more to produce and thus profit margins are considerably less. And U.S. HCG Diet pharmacies, then they have to prove the purity and potency of their products, or they can’t legally sell it.

Now, Nu Image Medical goes one step further and cheerful produces its HCG Diet COA (Certificate Of Authenticity).

Regardless, the Rx 500 calorie HCG Diet Protocol has a 60 year proven track record whereas homeopathic non-HCG does not. The same can be said for all the “new” “medical and modernized” protocols that have recently sprung up to cash in on the HCG Diet craze.

And with no regulations and not having to adhere to the same restrictions on actual pharmaceuticals, and a gullible public who do not know how to think critically — it’s easy to sell homeopathic HCG to desperate HCG Diet’ers.

And yet, as tempting as that all is — I still need to be able to look at myself in the mirror and be able to sleep at night; and deliberately misleading the folks into doing a starvation/homeopathic HCG diet protocol…?

I just can’t do it. Not even for the money. And with that, effective immediately I’m resigning from this little (alleged) HCG Diet group.

Next up, why did I quit? Not the least of it, I was outnumbered. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Stay tuned…

Stay Gutless.

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