HCG Diet Success Stories: Some Of Our Champions Of The HCG Diet

Just look at the latest pictures of one of our Gutless HCG Diet Success Coaching Program graduates!

Take a good look at where she started and where she ended up. Pay attention to her mindset — she has one of the best HCG Diet mindsets I’ve ever seen and not for nothing, she’s also one of our Champions Of The HCG Diet.

Kathy Christensen
Starting Weight: 160+ / 36% body fat

HCG Diet Coaching Program Starting Weight: 136 / 27% body fat

Ending Weight: 121 / 22% body fat

“I am a graduate of the HCG Diet Success Program.  During my time on this program I lost 15 pounds and 5.3% body fat.  In the past I did the HCG Diet without coaching and I would not recommend it.  I would tell anyone considering the HCG Diet to save themselves a lot of frustration, wasted time and money and just sign up for the HCG Diet Success Program because with Walter’s coaching:

  1. You you won’t be alone and confused – you will have all of the correct information you need in one place
  2. You will benefit from the collected results of hundreds of past graduates
  3. You will have someone that will hold you accountable
  4. You will be given tips and tools to help make the most of every day you are on the HCG diet
  5. You will be coached to be mentally strong & successful.  I met my weight loss goal, but more importantly, I feel that after just a short amount of time I have become a much better person overall. And I am still improving.

Let me tell you a little more about my experience.

When I finished my first round on the HCG diet last November I was happy with my results.

I had used the Gutless In Seattle blog as a guide and I lost weight.  I thought I was done, but then the new HCG Diet Success Coaching Program was announced. I made the decision to shed the rest of my extra weight using the HCG Diet and get as close to “perfect me” as possible.

Initially, I thought about doing regular old diet and exercise to lose those last 15 pounds.  Ultimately, I decided I could not pass on the opportunity to learn and be coached by the greatest HCG diet success ever.

With only 15 pounds to lose I wasn’t sure how successful another round of the HCG diet would be for me.  I knew for sure that the best chance of success would be to have a great coach and the most tried and true HCG program available.  I didn’t want to keep doing subsequent rounds.  I didn’t want to keep trying to get it right.  I wanted to do it right once and for all.

Sure, I had success doing the HCG diet before I joined the HCG Diet Success Program.  However, I was always wondering if I was doing everything right.  I wanted to know if I could be more successful.  I always had some nagging doubt in the back of my mind.  Sometimes I had questions and answers just weren’t available.

I wanted to be able to know there was someone that had my back and would support me, answer my questions and push me toward more success.

  • I wanted a coach.
  • I wanted support.
  • I wanted answers.
  • I wanted to learn.

With the HCG Diet Success Program I got all of that and more.  I lost 15 pounds in three weeks. I got all of the coaching, answers & support for which I was lookingMore important to me is the life coaching I received.

I didn’t even know I needed life coaching.  I just wanted to lose some extra weight.  Now that I am a graduate of the HCG Diet Success Program I feel energized & equipped to continue my self-improvement journey.  Through the weekly webinar training I was given tools that will help me as I go forward in my lifeI have more control over my life.  Now I am controlling various aspects of my life – they are not controlling me.  I am more calm, self-assured and mentally prepared to take on challenges.

This is a great program even if you don’t have much weight to lose.  You owe it to yourself to have the very best opportunity toward total life improvement.  The HCG Diet Success Program is that opportunity!”

Wow… I am truly humbled to have had the priviledge of coaching this group. I’ve got nothing to say after that. Save this…

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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  1. Kathy Christensen says:

    I wanted to let you know what I have done since I wrote this. I have been working on my Mind Movie (one of the tools Walter introduced us to at the end of our training). In a nutshell it is a tool to help you achieve your vision for life. In the last month I have joined a womens cycling team, started the process to go back to school to study web design & development, and continued on a path to improve my overall health. Some of these things I have wanted to do for years, some of them I didn’t even realize I wanted to do. I am pretty excited about what the future holds for me!

  2. Mely4mom says:

    I am patiently waiting to get started with your coaching program Walter….I am tired of fumbling through it on my own.  I am sure there are a lot more people on the same track I am looking forward to getting some good coaching.

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