More HCG Diet Dangers: Sister’s Deadly Diabetes Dilemma Part 2

hcg diet fight than switch
Switch From Diabetes to The HCG Diet? No Way!

The HCG Diet To The Rescue? Oh, Hell No!

In More HCG Diet Dangers: Sister’s Deadly Diabetes Dilemma I introduced the thorny situation of my older sister whose obesity has created a life-threatening case of adult-onset diabetes.

Same thing our maternal grandmother died of, btw.

Remember that old cigarette commercial? The one that (stupidly) and proudly declared: “I’d rather FIGHT than switch!”

Yeah. I think my sis wrote that one because she’s fought me trying to save her life with the HCG Diet (or anything else for that matter) every step of the way.

Talk about Pyrrhic victories.

Her, and by dint, our entire family started on this diabetes journey just before I started the HCG Diet 5 years ago.

Back then she was just beginning to lose sensation in her feet.

That’s how it started for her. That’s what made her go to the doctor in the first place, because let’s face it — it’s hard to walk when you can’t feel your feet on the ground.

She had tripped and fell several times over the previous months just walking across the long parking lot at work. Worse, friends and security had to help her into the building because she couldn’t feel her feet on the pavement.

Then it was losing sensation in her feet. Today she is in ever-constant danger of losing her feet.

Only then did she go to the doctor about it. But that’s how bad she let it get before taking action. And even then, she didn’t see it through to a better life.

She refused all tools like the HCG Diet… Weight Watchers… all the dieting systems out there.

I did everything I could educating her about the HCG Diet and the other options. Frankly, I didn’t care if she did the HCG Diet or not. I just wanted her to choose Life, you know?

I even offered to drop everything, fly to Missouri on my own dime and at least administer her first month on the HCG Diet and coach her because she needs a lot, a lot, a LOT of help with her Mental Game.

By that point, things had got so bad, for the first time ever – I wasn’t sure even I and the HCG Diet could guide her to pulling out of the Life nose-dive she was on.

She had no Mental Mojo to such a degree, one could say she has no game… no mojo at all.

And now she may even be beyond any help from the HCG Diet.

I know you probably think I’m being harsh on my sister. And if you do, I ask you to consider this…

She’s going to die. (Yes, yes, I know… we are all going to die.) But we don’t have to die early.

We do have considerable control over how that happens and to some degree when.

Our “Sophie’s Choice” is that we can hasten it along or we can forestall it as long as possible.

The choice is ours, and it’s rarely just One Big Decision. 

It’s often a continuing series of small ones. Kinda like being successful on the HCG Diet (or not).

It’s not One Big Decision, but the culmination of all the little decisions you make over the 6 weeks on Phase 2 of the HCG diet, the 3 weeks on Phase 3 and then the rest of your life after the HCG Diet.

Next up, What do pro wrestlers, my sister & the HCG Diet all have in common?

You don’t want to miss that one…

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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