HCG Diet Dangers: Sister’s Deadly Diabetes Dilemma

hcg diet-diabetes diet-hcg seattleWhat’s the point of being “the greatest HCG Diet’er that ever lived”* if your own family won’t listen to you?”

With this being National Diabetes Month and recent events with a family member have taken a turn for the worse, I find myself asking that question more and more.

Well, it’s just proof that, while you can lead a horse to the HCG Diet, you can’t make it…

Errrm… something like that.

Just got off the phone with my older sister a few nights ago and it’s taken me this long to be able to talk about it with you — she’s on a slow death march to diabetes.

Some in previous HCG Diet Success coaching programs know about this because it’s a perfect teaching example of how we are wired as humans; that left to our own devices, we would prefer our routine not get interupted than stave off life-threatening illness.

More on that in a moment.

While her (seemingly) incompetent doctors insist on adhering to information that was outdated 20 -30 years ago, her mounting medical bills ensures she helps  pay for their vacation homes in Tahoe, while putting their kids through grad school.

All the while, her quality of life is eroding and she’s on the road to an early death from a totally preventable disease.

And yet… while I could do everything about it… I can actually do nothing because she won’t let me.

While curious about the HCG Diet, she would rather… she refuses to commit herself to living instead of dying. The HCG Diet? Phhhttt

So big sis and I had yet another hear-to-heart about her diabetes situation. One that we’ve had often since she was first diagnosed just before I went on the HCG Diet.

But this latest development… she just got out of two weeks in the hospital because her kidneys nearly shut down. Last year we thought she was going to have to have her foot amputated due to extreme circulation issues.

Now, pay attention because this is the part where personal responsibility and choice come into play. This is the consequence of being morbidly obese and not doing the HCG Diet (or something… anything to get that weight off).

This is the consequence of being at-risk for diabetes, of having a family history of diabetes — knowing all that and still choosing to do nothing.

•She’s a Type II diabetic… adult-onset caused by her obesity
•She’s on five or six different kinds of meds to MANAGE her diabetic condition and its complications (not to fix, but to MANAGE)
•Her quality of life is zlich – for all intents and purposes, she is now a housebound invalid and increasingly becoming incapable of caring for herself

The HCG Diet To The Rescue?

Now if there was one person in this world you would think she would listen to, to do the HCG diet, it would be family, right?

It would be the guy who’s been called “the greatest HCG dieter success story, ever” and arguably, I am the most successful HCG Dieter in its 60 year history.

Now I know that may sound like an inflated ego beating its chest, but I can assure you it is not. It’s just the simple fact of the matter.

Not only for shedding 157 lbs. in 123 days, and not only for keeping it off 5 years (and counting) — but not just because I’ve done that for myself and personally coached hundreds of others to do the same on their own HCG Diet journey to personal mastery.

To say nothing of the thousands I’ve indirectly influenced in the online HCG Diet community.

That’s a stellar track record by any definition — on or off the HCG Diet!

Think about it for a moment, would you still do nothing if this were the hand you had been dealt…?

•You’re over 60
•You’re so morbidly obese that you’re “super diabetic” (not my words, her’s)
•You’re in and out the doctor’s office and the hospital all the time…
•You have no energy…
•If you don’t monitor your blood sugar 4-5 times a day you’re under constant threat of a blackout…
•But because you refuse to give up sweets and junk food, frequent blackouts are your reality

Wouldn’t you think if there was one person in this world she’d listen to, it would be her little brother who did this miraculous HCG Diet thing for himself and thousands of others?

She’s seen the results in-person. She’s been on the Gutless HCG Diet blog, she’s been on my Facebook HCG Diet: The Straight Truth page, she’s seen all the testimonials of folks in the same boat she was in.

So what’s different between those HCG Diet Success Stories and her?

Simple. THEY took action. She did not. Has not.

Most likely (though she refuses to admit it) it’s because in her mind, I’m just her little brother and it doesn’t matter what I’ve accomplished with the HCG Diet and keeping within 2 lbs. of my last day on the HCG diet for 5 years — I’m still just the kid brother.

I know. Stupid, wrong-headed thinking doesn’t even begin to describe it… but there it is.

But having worked and studied psychology for years, this is not the first time I’ve seen this. Based on experience, I think it’s something deeper… darker in her subconscious mind.

And it’s not just her, it’s there in many, many others. Most particularly on the HCG Diet.

More on that next… Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

* = a title bestowed upon me by a weightloss coach in another industry, not the HCG diet.

So what would you do in this situation?

Let me know what you thought about today’s HCG Diet post by leaving a comment in the “Leave A Comment” box below.

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  1. Angel says:

    I’m sorry, Walter, that your sister is having such a hard time. I can understand her fear, however. And I’m pretty sure that fear is what holds her back. She’s terrified of losing her comfortable comforting comfort foods. You remember them. For a woman, particularly, they are like narcotic painkillers. I suffer from chronic pain-causing disorders, and I sometimes find myself self-medicating with sweets and high fat foods. At least I recognize that this is what I’m doing, and I make a point to not overdo it. It has taken me a long time to get to this point.
    I’ve lost a lot of weight this year. I can’t do HCG, though my Doc would approve it, he says, if not for my health conditions. I am doing what I can, and you are such a role model for a good, healthful life!

  2. Coach Walter says:

    Again, you’re making some really good points, Angel. Though one would think that when given the choice between a series of food decisions that are killing you and living better and longer — just seems like a no-brainer.

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