HCG Diet Success Recipes: Another Peanut Butter Misadventure*

HCG diet inches and pounds back on hcg recipes “Yeeeccch! OMG… that is NAS-TEE!”

This was even worse than the first experimental batch of Green Drink I made for my HCG Diet.

I hurled myself at the sink and washed out my mouth. It was that bad. I haven’t had my mouth washed out since I was a pre-teen and tested that new swear word on mom.

But this wasn’t Green Drink, this was peanut butter (actually almond butter).

How in the world can someone screw up peanut butter? Easy, if you’re me.

Have you ever made something so bad that it wasn’t enough to just spit it out, but you had to rinse your mouth out just to get rid of the aftertaste?

Maybe it was while you were on your HCG Diet journey or maybe it was afterwards, but you know what I’m saying here, right?

Remember the article where I gave you my HCG Diet recipe for how I made custom-designed peanut butter? And how that turned out great?

This batch of peanut/almond butter was its evil alternate universe doppelganger.

Well… this is the downside of constant and never-ending experimentation (C.A.N.E.E.) — sometimes things don’t go as planned (just like many HCG Diet journeys). They go sideways, in fact (heh… also like many HCG Diets).

Case in point… The Redhead, casually breezes in and asks what happened.

See, I was jonesing for some p’butter but we were out of regular mac nut oil — so being “creative” I made do with the lemon myrtle-flavored mac nut oil that we did have.

Big Mistake. Huge.

An Old Friend From The HCG Diet Rides To The Rescue

She just looked at me with that patented female look of ‘Just how stupid ARE you?’

She just pursed her lips together a moment, thought and instead said, “Why didn’t you just use the coconut oil? It’s probably better for you than mac nut (oil), anyway.”

Grrrr… she was right, of course. But grrrr… nonetheless. Our old friend coconut oil. How soon we forget… sigh.

Oh. Also, something else I learned from my life of CANEE? I mean, CANEE isn’t all bad because that mindset created many new breakthroughs in the HCG Diet program we offer and much of what I’ve said here.

I mean where would we be if no one ever innovated on the original HCG Diet protocols? And no, adding 300 more calories to the HCG Diet protocol is NOT innovating. That’s just a recipe for failure.

Oh and found this out too: making peanut butter with olive oil as a substitiute? Almost as nasty as lemon myrtle-flavored mac nut oil.

Just sayin’…

Guess it’s a Life Lesson to never p’diddy with the p’butter**. 😉

* = I really wanted to call this “Anuther Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Mis-Adventure” but it was too long. But if you remember the commercials for Nutter Butters cookies, then you know that it’s just fun to say fast!

** = Sorry, I know that was bad, but I have no self-control.

What’s the nastiest tasting thing you ever made? On or off the HCG Diet?

Want more killer recipes and how to cook and prepare food so you eat like a King or Queen long after you’ve moved on from the HCG Diet (because you want to keep those great results, right? — then make sure you get on the waiting list for the next available opening in the upcoming HCG Diet Success Program.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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