Top HCG Diet BREAKING NEWS: The Troches Are Here, The HCG Troches Are Here!

hcg pellets-hcg diet-hcg drops**Newest HCG Diet UPDATE!**

This just in…

Did you just order a round of Nu Image’s HCG Troches, expecting to get 80 250 IU troches and instead only got 40 500 IU troches? 

WTH?! Did they send you the wrong order? Naw, it just the latest, greatest formulation that makes your HCG Journey even easier.

Actually, not having to remember to take your troches twice a day is a huge relief for many. Now you just have to take it once a day, in the morning and don’t have to worry about taking the second dose later in the day.

It’s the pharmaceutical HCG Diet wallop you’ve been looking for and in a convenient form you’ve always wanted for your best HCG Diet ever.

Say goodbye to rounds on the HCG Diet sticking yourself with needles or complicated mixing instructions from grainy, ill-lit YouTube videos and “Say hello to my little troche.”*

A what? Troche. An HCG Diet Troche. Pronounced like you’d say “croakie” only with a “t” instead of a “c.”   TrOh-key.

And it’s the best way to do your HCG Diet invented yet. Because…

  • While shots on the HCG Diet are the best way to make sure ALL the HCG hormone gets into your system, most folks just can’t bring themselves to do it, and…
  • Taking HCG sublingual drops will soon be extinct because it’s inefficient as an HCG delivery mechanism for any HCG Diet — too much HCG leaks out from underneath the tongue and not enough gets INTO your system.

Got your attention now? Uh-huh.  Same way my attention got grabbed when the CEO of Nu Image Medical first approached me about introducing them to the HCG market. Despite being a breakthrough in HCG Diet delivery technology, it was classic Abbott and Costello “Who’s On First?” routine over the phone:

“Walter, I’ve got something new for you, HCG troches.”




I could tell his patience was running out, “No, Walter…trow-KEES.”

Geez, I thought… don’t have to get all snippy about it. Hey, I never heard the word before. I thought either my hearing was going or he couldn’t pronounce the word right. You know, the way some people say “pamp-let” instead of “pam-flet?”

Turns out it was neither. It was just my ancient Greek sucked. And despite loving Clash Of The Titans (2010, not 1981 version), I’ve never heard of the word.

The word troche is  from the Greek word “trokhiskos” meaning ” little wheel.”

What is an HCG Diet Troche?

By definition, all a troche is, is a small medicated lozenge designed to dissolve in the mouth. A cough drop is a troche, for example.

For the HCG Diet, the little HCG troches are small lozenges that dissolve sublingually under the tongue. In this case, the most convenient way to take Rx HCG invented yet for the 21st century HCG Diet.

I think it sounds much better than “pellets,” don’t you?

Yeah, I know HCG “pellets” have been on the market for some time, but seriously, did anyone care?

Personally, I can’t stand to call them “HCG Diet pellets.” Ugh. Causes flashbacks to cleaning out rabbit cages when I was a teen. See, if you keep rabbits, you have to put them in elevated cages with chicken wire on bottom, so all the poop falls through.

Consequently, the ground beneath the cage becomes littered with yep, little brown rabbit… pellets. That’s what rabbit crap is called, you know – ”pellets.” Not for nothing, because that’s what they look like.

And it’s hard to get jazzed about your HCG Diet journey by putting rabbit crap under your tongue, isn’t it?

Even if it is to lose the fat for the rest of your life. I don’t think even resetting the metabolism is worth putting little pellets under the tongue for 6 weeks on the HCG Diet.

And somehow the idea of putting HCG Diet rabbit crap in my mouth, under my tongue doesn’t quite float my boat. How about you?

But trochesHCG Diet troches — sounds cool, sounds exciting, right? Sounds like something that works in a cool and interesting way but better than that, HCG troches work even better than the HCG drops for your HCG Diet journey.

Uh-huh. You heard me right. Troches work better than drops on the HCG diet. Why? For a number of reasons I’ll get to in a moment, but this is the BIGGEST reason:

These pharmaceutical HCG Diet troches are solid, they stay under the tongue as they dissolve. And because the troche stays under your tongue, so does all the HCG. Can you imagine how much more you can lose on each round of the HCG Diet?

Unlike the sublingual drops, these HCG Diet troches make sure all the HCG is being absorbed by the super-absorbent tissue under your tongue – none of it leaks out into the rest of the mouth, like what often happens with the HCG sublingual drops on the HCG Diet.

And more HCG in your system = better results for each round of the HCG Diet. Simple, simple formula for success. And I like simple formulas because I’m a simple kinda guy.

And now you know why I’m so excited about them. But here are some more important things you should know about using the troches during your HCG Diet journey:

  • 20,000 IU’s pharmaceutical (Rx) HCG Diet Kit
  • Most HCG Diet optimal oral delivery system yet!
  • Delivers a targeted 500 IU’s per day into your system
  • No More Mixing (woo-hooo!)
  • No Refrigeration
  • 40 Troches, 500 IUs each 80 Troche’s, 250 IU’s each — comes in it’s own convenient carrying case that’s easy to slip into a purse or pocket as you’re running out the door
  • The only solution for travellers or people on the go

In fact, there’s only one drawback to the HCG Diet troches — because they take a more sophisticated process to ensure that 98.3% potency and therefore are a few bucks more.

In fact, if you walked into a typical clinic that administers HCG Diet programs (yes, even Nu Image’s) you’ll have to fork over $649 or more for a 43 day supply.

And trust me, the convenience of the HCG troches alone is causing shortages and their HCG diet clients are happily paying over $6oo bucks each round.

But… and this is the good part:

Since I negotiated this EXCLUSIVE deal with Nu Image, (a big fancy way of saying I’m the only guy on the internet that can save you money big-time when ordering the high-quality, high-potency HCG) – you get major bucks off, but only if you order through my link (the big button below).

Yes, You will pay less than the rest of the world just because you’re a fan, or reader, or a subscriber to Gutless In Seattle and I appreciate your trust.

See, I’m looking out for ya.

Now, I’m gonna shoot straight with you like I always do — these HCG Diet troches are in constant high demand and if they are be temporairly out, they get new ones in pretty quickly.

Like all announcements, I let the folks in my HCG Diet Success Coaching Program and on my list know first and then whatever’s left over gets announced to the general public. I always make sure you get to see the cool stuff first.

So if you’re ready to order your next round of HCG for a stupendous HCG Diet round, then you want to get in on this now.

hcg pellets

* (100% HCG Diet Money Back Guarantee if not medically accepted by the physician)

* = That works better when you say it to yourself in Al Pacino’s Scarface voice.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

Let me know what you thought about today’s HCG Diet post by leaving a comment in the “Leave A Comment” box below.

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  1. Joyce says:

    Walter, each and every time a new form of HCG comes along, it’s better than the next ONLY to find out it’s not. Just like the gosh awful pellets and all the sublinguals…I wonder should we take a wait and see stance…??? I was always told the shots were the best way to get HCG and I am so use to them!

  2. Coach Walter says:

    Joyce sounds like you had a bad experience with someone else’s HCG rabbit pellets. Ok, fair enough — you don’t like pellets and drops and prefer shots. But the majority of the HCG population are not like you. They can’t stand to give themselves a shot and for them, elegant innovative solutions like the drops were and like the troches are now exist.

    I’ll tell you what happens when everyone takes a “wait and see stance” — nothing ever gets done because no one’s moving forward.

    I don’t know the background of whomever told you whatever about shots and HCG, but with the innovation of the troches, where ALL the HCG now stays under your tongue long enough to be absorbed, you honestly have to ask yourself, just why am I sticking myself with a needle?

    Shots used to be the best way to take HCG. They no longer are. This is what happens when people innovate, when they refuse to “wait and see.”

    Good discussion, thanks!

  3. Coach Walter says:

    Good question. You can try the reorder through my site and if the system kicks it back to you then you’ll have to phone it in and talk to someone at NIM. I don’t know how they will recognize that you’re now a Gutless In Seattle customer, though. In which case, you’ll have to go back to the other guy’s site and pay full price.

    Sorry. Hey, gimme some credit, though! I’m doing everything I can to make the HCG Diet feasible to you guys! But there are limits to what I can do when you don’t go through the website. But on the bright side, look — I got you $100 off and I’m the only one working with Nu Image who’s been able to do that.

    To answer you question about shots… Shots used to be the best way to take HCG. They no longer are. It used to be that with drops, only 35-40% of the HCG got into your system. That’s why the doses kept rising to get the same amount of HCG into your system that you got with shots.

    With the new troches, in particular, with the new troche formulation of Nu Image’s, you get as much HCG into your system as with a shot.

    Given that is the state of the HCG art, as it were. Then the question becomes, if all things on HCG delivery into the human system are now equal (and they are) then why, oh why would you pay extra for the injection paraphernalia and stick yourself once a day for 40 days?

    Unless… Errmmm… You like that sort of thing?

  4. Jmward says:

    Thanks for the answer. I will try to reorder through your website. You were not offering through NuImage when I bought my first two rounds. However, one more question. I have always ordered the MIC solution to mix my HCG with. I always felt that the MIC really helped with energy and getting that extra B12. Do these have the b12 in them or any ideas, thoughts. on how to get the B12 with the Troche?

  5. Coach Walter says:

    Another great question from you, I love great, thoughtful questions.
    I’ve been testing Nu Image’s MIC-Ultra Burn out myself. That stuff is UNBELIEVABLE! Boosts physical energy, kicks my brain into creative hyperdrive and melts any remaining fat like you wouldn’t believe. Effortlessly, really.

    I’m testing it out and am soon be blogging about my experiences on it. one of my frustrations has been that with all the cool tools Nu Image has been releasing — I can’t use them. I don’t have enough weight to lose to go back on HCG and test out the new drops and now the troches.

    So we order 5-10 batches and give them to folks I trust and in exchange they have to keep super-meticulous records through each round.

    But the MIC-Ultra Burn is something **I** could test out and I jumped all over it. I’m so glad I did. I’m a pretty high energy guy anyway, so I wasn’t expecting much of a difference.

    Boy, was I wrong. The MIC-Ultra Burn is an elegant, simple solution for the P3-P4 folks who want that little added edge to their body mastery, post-HCG.

    Wow, you opened some floodgates there. Did I answer your question adequately? Bottom-line – even if you use the troches, then MIC-Ultra Burn is a great way to get your B12+. On or off the HCG Diet.

  6. humbird2003 says:

    I just ordered it – I’ve done the injections and while I can do those fine – it’s a pain in the butt to do it on a busy schedule – I’ve been off the diet for about 4 months and I’v gained 5lbs back during that time (over the holidays too). So this is a good time to get on it again. I have my old log and I’ll start a new one to see how they compare.

  7. Jmward says:

    Yes and thanks again for your answer. Apparently if I choose the Troche I should also get the MIC Ultra Burn to continue getting that infusion of B12 and other vitamins which help to increase weight loss and energy. Is the Ultra Burn the same solution as the MIC solution you can mix with the HCG powder? How often do you take it? I may order the Burn solution since I am in between rounds. I lost 25 pounds on round 1, but on round 2 I gained and lost the same 10 pounds as I was doing a lot of traveling and took way to many breaks. Sooo, I really need to kick it in on my Third round and finish with another 20 pounds and want to make sure I order the products that will give me the maximum benefits. I have to wait until the end of March (which I dont want to do as I wish I could just begin again now as Spring Break is coming and that means Florida and bathing suit), but I finished round two on Feb 10 so I must wait. This is why I may order the Burn solution to begin right now. I’m glad to hear you have had success with that, and I loved it with the HCG injections. Thanks again for your kindness in answering all my questions.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I ordered the troches this morning…along with the MIC Ultra Burn. However, reading the instructions for the MIC Ultraburn leaves me a little confused. It says to take in Phase 3 to continue to lose fat…but you aren’t suppose to have a fluctuation of more than 2 pounds up or down in phase 3 to stabilize. question is, can you take the MIC Ultraburn during phase 2 and it help with fat release during that phase? Thanks!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry..I meant to say I was confused not only by what it said the MIC could do and how it would maybe could affect the stabalization in phase 3 but am I reading other comments correctly in that they ARE using it in phase 2 as well. I just want to make sure. Thanks again and sorry for not finishing my question thoroughly the first time!

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Coach Walter says:

    A lot of folks who go into clinics have in mixed right in with their shots and take it all at once, so it can definitely be used in P2.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the clarification and thank you for all the information you share!

  13. April says:

    Hey Walter. If I do another round (as I discussed in a previous post) I am interested in trying out the Troches but what testing has been done on them? Part of the reason I trusted the sublingual HCG was based on your success…

  14. RJR says:

    I hope this doesn’t fall into the stupid question category, but I’m just finishing up R1 with shots, which I didn’t mind doing at all as they were painless. I do travel a lot for work, only on the weekends. Do you think for R2 it would be a problem if I mixed the shots with the troches? (would only use the troches for when I travel, airport TSA is annoyingly inconsistent about allowing shots through security)

  15. Coach Walter says:

    We did our own test and it passed with flying colors.

  16. Coach Walter says:

    It shouldn’t. Just make sure the amount you’re injecting matches the amount in the troches.

  17. Coach Walter says:

    I figured you didn’t read the blog or the Facebook page because I have talked about it. first, I never put my name behind anything that I haven’t personally tested out or have a group of others test out.

    So I’m not sure what more you’re looking for in the way of “feedback.” Care to elaborate?

  18. Susan says:

    Hi Walter I am so excited about this new development . I have an inportant question for you about a catch 22
    how can the HCG diet work if you are diabetic and need to eat to control the blood sugars in the morning and the extreme low calorie diet. How can I start this without the risk.. I have been diagnosed for a year now and want the weight off. This is a vicious cycle as you know but Im ready Please tell me what you know about it.

  19. Susan says:

    Ah yes I meant to be clear how to do the diet as a type 2 diabetic? how can we regulate the blood sugar with the protocal?

  20. Coach Walter says:

    First off all, Susan — you need to discuss this with your doctor and bring him/her into the loop and follow that guidance, ok? Get your approval from the doc and then I’ll be happy to help where I can.

    My doctor said I was right on the border of being declared Type 2 but was no longer under that threat after the first 35 lbs. came off.

  21. David says:

    I am still unclear about using the MIC Ultra burn. Is it for use in Phase 2, Phase 3 or both?
    Also, concerning the Troches, do we get 2 250 IU’s each day, totalling 500?

  22. Coach Walter says:

    P2, P3, P4 and beyond. And you are correct on the troches!

  23. David says:

    Thanks Coach. I’ve already received my shipments of the Troches and the MIC UltraBurn Will begin Phase one tomorrow.

  24. Agent99lb says:

    Hi Walter, I have done 2 rounds rx hcg sublingual with great success and I was taking a total of 166iu 2x/day. If the troches are even better absorbed, that seems like a lot of hcg and too much hcg can cause hunger. I’m confused. I would love to buy these, but I worry the dosage is too high…comments?

  25. Coach Walter says:

    I love hearing folks talk about how fast they receive their HCG. See what happens when you order from within the good ‘ole U.S. of A? You’ll be happier with the results, too.

  26. Coach Walter says:

    #1 – congrats on your HCG diet success to date!
    #2 – It’s not too much HCG.
    #3 – Who told you that too much HCG caused hunger?

    And lastly, as for recommending something that could be potentially detrimental, I’ll ask you to reason it out for yourself.

    Under the aegis of “Give a man a solution and you solve that one issue. Teach a man how to solve problems and you’ve freed him for a lifetime,” I’m going to ask you to reason this out for yourself —

    Since I’m known for looking out for the folks, then why in the world would I put my name behind anything that wasn’t absolutely great for you?

    Interested in your answer/s.

  27. candy says:

    what do the troches taste like.just wanted to make sure the taste is bearable.

  28. Coach Walter says:

    Lol… how would you know they were “bearable” by someone else telling you that? As far as I know, they don’t taste like anything.

  29. Kyleen says:

    I just recieved my troches and they have a very sweet strawberry flavoring to them.  Since, I’m one of the three people in the whole world who get sick from strawberries – I was disappointed. )  Wish it was stated that they were strawberried flavored as I would have chosen the drops.  However,  this round the convenience out ways the flavor, so I will tolerate them for 40 days.    

  30. Coach Walter says:

    Yes I believe you are in the minority with hating strawberry. The drops are less effectively than troches because of the spillage. All in all, focus on the end of the telescope that benefits you — you’re losing a dangerous amount of fat. Surely any minor inconvenience falls by the wayside.

  31. Judylong4 says:

    This might be a crazy question, but here goes.
    Does this stuff show up in drug tests?  I ask because my husband has to be randomly drug tested at work and I’d hate for him to lose his job for trying to lose weight.  Thanks!

  32. Coach Walter says:

    Good question, Judy and I have no idea. I never had to worry about random drug tests. But why would would he lose his job if he had too much HCG in his system? If that were the case, I’m sure you would have seen an exodus of pregnant women from there.

    I really don’t think they screen for that, but you should as to make sure.

  33. Coach Walter says:

    That depends. This gives you all the info you need to make the decision:

  34. hcgdietmom says:

    Sounds like a great administrative method! No more trying not to swallow for 10 minutes.

  35. susan says:

    If I purchase the HCG Troche on NuImageMedical, how can I test the product for HCG? I’ve been using the homeopathic hcg for 2 weeks now, I’ve been getting hunger pains, weak,  major headaches, and wanting to switch to the real HCG. I’m kinda scared and worried because of the price that I am paying. I’m afraid that I might lose my money and that its a scam… I was wondering does the website charges you monthly once you made the purchase? If not, thats great haha. Your wesbite has been very helpful to me, and i hope to hear from you soon. 

  36. susan says:

    If I purchase the HCG Troche on NuImageMedical, how can I test the product for HCG? I’ve been using the homeopathic hcg for 2 weeks now, I’ve been getting hunger pains, weak,  major headaches, and wanting to switch to the real HCG. I’m kinda scared and worried because of the price that I am paying. I’m afraid that I might lose my money and that its a scam… I was wondering does the website charges you monthly once you made the purchase? If not, thats great haha. Your wesbite has been very helpful to me, and i hope to hear from you soon. 

  37. Coach Walter says:

    There is no monthly charges when you order from Nu Image. That’s the homeopathic gimmick. Sorry you had to learn the hard way.

  38. JackT says:

    Hi Walter, I am just  beginning the diet and am on DAY #3 of loading.  I just purchased the TROCHES  from NuImageMedical, and I have 1 question.
    My troches say they are 500 Iu(w/300 IUs of Vitamin B-12) AND..the directions say to take 1 troche per day.  Is it OK…. that I am ONLY taking my dose in the morning and NOT at night, even though I am getting my 500 IUs?  Thank you.

  39. Coach Walter says:

    Yes, it’s the brand-spankin’ new method.

  40. JackT says:

    Thanks so much for your quick response Walter. Finishing up Day#3/ Loading and sure enough…I am sooooooo sick of Burgers, milk products and other fatty foods that I have been loading for the past 3 days. THANK YOU COACH !!!! I so appreciate the webinars in addition to these great blogs.

  41. Coach Walter says:

    Jack, just so you know – you have access to the support team and the special email addressy for that. Don’t need to do it out here on the blog — that’s for those not in the program.


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