Best HCG Diet Brand Causes Rioting In The Streets… Or Will It?

hcg diets-hcg drops-hcg drops seattleDon’t know if I should talk about this in public yet, because it could cause a riot in the HCG Diet world.

Ok… not a riot kind of riot, but certainly a “disturbance in the Force” kind of disturbancy thing.*

Plus, I wasn’t sure if I could handle any fallout while I’m in the middle of launching the Next Big Thing for the HCG Diet world.

To say nothing if my friends at Nu Image Medical could handle the deluge of new business if this got out, but hey, that’s their “problem,” right?

We should all have such “problems.” 😉

But I was looking over some of the test results of the small group using the latest new HCG formulation from Nu Image Medical.

Well, just take a look for yourself…

  • One of the men lost 22 lbs. during his first 10 days on Nu Image’s HCG. I know, right? Crazy! He kicked my record all to heck! So I’m happy (for him) and PO’d at the same time (by the end of the program he had shed 57 lbs of dangerous, life-sucking fat!)
  • One woman shed 12 lbs. in her first 10 days
  • Another 11 lbs. in the same time period

How To Do The HCG Diet Better

And so far, everyone else has been above average. Some got off to a slower start, but are now losing at a faster rate than they started with. That makes me happy.

But it’s not just the HCG, in all fairness (though you can’t BEAT a 98.3% potency with a stick!), since they are so graciously agreeing to be my HCG brand guinea pigs, then I’ve given them a lot of help. That probably doesn’t suck, either. 😉

But it’s not a cakewalk for them. One of the conditions is that they have to keep really, really detailed logs and answer a whole bunch of probing questions that I’m sure are quite annoying. Even more so than what’s standard in my coaching programs.

When You Shouldn’t Do The HCG Diet

As you know, I never, ever recommend putting the cheapest pharmaceuticals in your body for any reason. If your economic conditions are such that you have to shop for the cheapest HCG, best to wait until you can afford the good stuff.

Just a reminder from your Friendly Neighborhood Human Post-It, that below you can get in on my FREE webinar on the mandatory “3 Keys To HCG Diet Success.”

Once those slots are snatched up, this page comes down =>

* = Can you imagine the fun we’d have with a HCG version of Star Wars? I can see it now, “I sense a disturbance in the protocols.” Or being offered homeopathic HCG and going all Obi-wan on them, waving my hand and saying, “This is not the HCG you’re looking for. Move along.”

Okay… I’m done.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

Let me know what you thought about today’s HCG Diet post by leaving a comment in the “Leave A Comment” box below.

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