6 Secrets of HCG Diet Peak Performance – The Missing Secret

hcg diet-hcg-drops-hcg seattleThe final missing piece on HCG Diet Peak Performance…

After writing the previous 3 parter on what it takes to achieve Peak Performance levels on the HCG Diet , I thought I was done with that and put it to bed.

Later, I literally wake up in the middle of the night realizing there was one other piece missing in this little HCG Diet puzzle. But maybe being enthralled in the trials and tribulations of our Olympic athletes as they struggle to become something greater might have something to do what that as well.

Not so much a reason why but more of an explanation of what all of us come up against when we’re on the HCG Diet

If you missed the first part, then get up to speed with Part 1 Does The HCG Diet Really Need Peak Performance Coaches?

Part 2 6 Secrets of HCG Diet Peak Performance – the first 3 reasons are there.

We examined the final 3 key traits in-depth in 6 Secrets of HCG Diet Peak Performance – Part 3

So technically, that makes this Part 4. Sigh…. I know, I know…

So what’s the uber-boogeyman we all come up against during our HCG Diet journeys?

Resistance… HCG Diet Resistance

You experience it all areas of your life, whenever you’re reaching for something bigger, when you’re stretching the boundaries of what’s possible for you, according to you mindset — Resistance will be right there, lurking in the shadows like Snidley Whiplash.

You know when you start sabotaging yourself while on the HCG diet, when you suddenly start wavering on that bold, fresh weight loss goal of yours? That bold goal that motivated you to begin this journey in the first place?

You started out so bright and the future looked full of promise and then one day… eating something that you shouldn’t suddenly it becomes more important than achieving your goal.

That’s your Resistance. And it’s coming from you inside you, inside your mind. In this case, knowing the enemy and knowing yourself are one and the same.

Because, as the comicstrip character Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

The job of Resistance on the HCG Diet

Look, your Resistance only has one job to do. To stop you. That’s it. The whole aim of your Resistance is to prevent you from doing what you said you would do — shed the most fat and inches on your HCG Diet journey.

Resistance wants you to take it easy. Resistance wants to keep you plain, ordinary and mediocre. Resistance loves you just the way you are — plain vanilla and boring as hell.

Make no mistake about it, the fight against Resistance is a cage match to the death. Oh sure, you can “new age” it to death with all happy affirmations and positive thinking you like, but still, at the end of the day — you’re going to have to grapple with the Big R to get accomplished what you said you’d do.

Now, there are two times when Resistance will be the most relentless and come at you with everything it has.

The second time is just when you’re about to get what you’re after. Resistance is most dangerous when the Mack Daddy of All Fears raises its head — namely, the fear that you will actually succeed.

See, Resistance builds as you get closer to the finish line. At this point, Resistance knows you’re about to beat it. It hits the panic button. It marshals one last assault and slams you with everything it’s got.

And that’s the paradox of success in anything, (but let’s keep it to the HCG Diet) — the closer you get to having the body you’ve been striving for, the more likely you are to do something self-sabotaging — and that my friend is Resistance knocking at the door of your HCG Diet journey.

Think about it. When is it the darkest? Just before dawn. When sport-fishing, when does the marlin fight the hardest? Just before it gives up.

On the HCG Diet, when do most folks cheat and do all sorts of dumb stuff? Right after they start seeing results and realize it’s working.

There is a prescription for defeating Resistance and we’ll go into that in an upcoming HCG Diet post.

So, what’s your Resistance? How does YOUR Resistance manifest itself?

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

Let me know what you thought about today’s HCG Diet post by leaving a comment in the “Leave A Comment” box below.

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  1. Cmvfromtexas says:

    Interesting. I’d never thought of it as resistance fighting me. I’ve always thought of me needing to resist the temptations. And when I didn’t resist, it was me slacking off, not resistance winning over me.

  2. Kathy D. says:

    Yes, now I can see that. I had set a goal of 40 lbs on my first round of HCG. I was well on my way of reaching that goal during the first 4 weeks. Then all of a sudden I choked and only lost 36 lbs. I’m not saying 36 lbs is bad, I’m just saying I should have lost the 40 and met my goal if I had stayed on track a little better.

    With that said, I can not wait for round 2 to start in January! I’m sure I will reach the 40 lb goal in the second round. With coaching maybe I should even up that goal! I’ve got all kinds of optimism going on here.

  3. Coach Walter says:

    Well let’s look at it this way… If it was just simply a matter of you needing to resist something that You shouldn’t do, but did anyway — then who was in charge?

    At the point where the temptation was experienced and given in to, it certainly wasn’t the you that was in conscious control, was it?

    The Inner Mind counter-program is, for most, so far removed from Outer Mind control, it’s just like you were dealing with an outside force. Haven’t you found this to be the case?

  4. Coach Walter says:

    I understand that you set one goal and didn’t achieve it, Kathy. but c’mon, it was just 4 lbs shy. You should be very, very proud of that achievement!

    > I’ve got all kinds of optimism going on here

    Well, optimism and a plan. A nice one-two punch.

  5. Coach Walter says:

    Building the topic of how Resistance manifests itself and the 6 Secrets of HCG Diet Peak Productivity in general…
    A goal is something you choose to act upon daily with a plan and commitment, no matter what.
    The best summary I’ve ever seen of this principle comes from the second book in the “Harry Potter” series when Professor Dumbledore tells Harry, “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

    What choice have you made/are you making that you think show whom you really are?

    I put the Dumbledore quote next to one of the monitors and by the bathroom mirror — doesn’t matter where, just someplace you see if every night.

    If the Redhead wouldn’t have a fit, I’d probably put it on the ceiling above the bed.

  6. Kathy D says:

    A plan, Optimism, and confidence for my last loss.

    I am very proud of my achievement, but I also know that I did not follow the plan as well as I should have the last two weeks, and I think I can now see that a little of that “resistance” was impacting me. I need to be even more on the look-out for it in round two.

  7. Kathy D says:

    CMV, you are the most committed person I know! You followed the plan much more strictly than anyone else in the group! I want to follow as closely as you next round.

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