6 Secrets of Olympic-Level HCG Diet Peak Performance – Part 3

hcg diet-hcg drops-hcg seattleSo what’s up with the HCG Diet and the Olympics?

When all other worthwhile endeavors in life seem to have their peak performers, high level performers are almost nonexistent when it comes to the HCG Diet.

Why is that?

If you missed the first part, then get up to speed with Part 1 Does The HCG Diet Really Need Peak Performance Coaches? and the cruise on over to get even more at Part 2 6 Secrets of HCG Diet Peak Performance.

There here are the final 3 for the final reasons you need peak performance coaching on the HCG Diet:

  • Being Recognized For Your Achievements
  • Being Accepted
  • Being Motivated

Being Recognized For Your HCG Diet Achievements

Look, everybody needs recognition and celebration — but to whom can you really brag about your HCG Journey results? I mean, who really understands the level of achievement involved?

Certainly not to all of your circle of friends and family. While some may appear to celebrate your weight losses, some of them starved themselves to keep the weight off that they spent years in losing (provided they were successful).

Then you come along with your little HCG Diet and lose more in 14 days than they lost in 3 months! That’s enough to piss off the Good Humor Man.

So, some will be happy for you through-and-through and some… well let’s just say their smile doesn’t go all the way up to the eyes.

Since most of the HCG Diet’ers I coach are a type of what I call weight loss “renegades,” they’re used to something unorthodox like the HCG diet.

That’s the Good News.

The Bad News is that many of those around them actually disapprove of a lot of what’s working for thier HCG Diet journey, even if they (grudgingly) acknowledge the results.

Having a knowledgeable coach or, better yet, being part coaching/mastermind group gives everyone an appreciative audience who “gets it,” who understands your accomplishments, and is able and willing to celebrate our achievements and help you be accountable because they are secure in their own success.

HCG Diet: Being Accepted

I call my most successful HCG Diet members (and myself) “renegades” and “champions.” Why? Because we violate just about every norm of the weight loss industry — from the Biggest Loser to Weight Watchers. Even the orthodoxy of the HCG Diet, at least the bastardized version you find all over Facebook and other online hangouts.

And we are actually quite dysfunctional in one way or another (and proud of it)… we think and talk differently than almost everyone around us in our day-to-day lives.

Case in point, the HCG diet itself. What I like to call “the diet-to-end-all-diets.”

I mean seriously, how do you explain to most rationale folk that you just dropped 12 lbs in the first 3 days of your diet and not have them get that pained, concerned look on their face as they go, “I don’t think that’s healthy. Have you seen a doctor?”

Because of their abnormal results, a lot of folks on the HCG diet actually have to suffer through silent frustration and loneliness — cut off from discussing it with those who don’t know about the HCG Diet.

In many instances, we can’t even explain what we do to ‘civilians!’ And face it, feeling like “the fish out of water” for most of one’s waking hours is not all that pleasant.

That’s why being part of a coaching/mastermind group with like-minded HCG Diet ‘Renegades’ is so invigorating.

One of the core human needs is to be accepted for who you are, without need of mask or cautious editing of expressed thought. Where you don’t have to edit what you were going to say about losing more weight in one week than most lose in a month, because then you’d have to go through all the drudgery of explaining just what the heck the HCG Diet is in the first place.

Furthermore, on the rapid weight loss journey with a group of other like-minded HCG Diet souls who are doing the same thing you are, is further invigorating because you won’t have envious friends, family and co-workers giving you the evil eye every time you go down a dress or pants size.

You further deny them their taste of schadenfreude when months and years later, you’ve still kept the weight off. In fact, you’ve rarely varied outside of 5 lbs of your last weighing day on the HCG diet.

Naturally, that little bon-mot doesn’t engender more goodwill from the envious non- HCG Diet’ers.

Being Motivated On The HCG Diet

Surely a top pro athlete or an Olympic athlete being paid millions of dollars to play a game doesn’t need “motivated,” does he?

Fact of the matter, because they are paid millions, win-lose-or-draw, means they do need a great deal of other motivation to do all of that behind-the-scenes hard work required for peak performance on the field.

Same goes for every business peak performer.

Same goes for every successful HCG Diet’er (few though they be).

In almost every locker room, after every game, grown men and women who are paid millions to play their games are awarded game balls. The coaches cry, hug, give ‘attaboys’ and nudge the winners.

Everyone loves to hang around the winners. It’s just human nature.

Here’s my point: ultimately, all motivation is self-motivation, but there’s definitely contributions made by the people and ideas you associate with — fellow HCG Diet’er, the involvements you’re in, and the successes of other HCG Diet’ers you’re exposed to.

Especially when you’re on such a mental, physical and emotional journey like the HCG diet. At least for those 90 days, you want good, solid folks around you. Folks who are honest-to-god pulling for you, who are eager to see YOU win as well as be clapped on the back when THEY win big by losing lots (of weight).

So… is it time to get the body you deserve this year, while you can?

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Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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  1. Donnaschoen says:

    Loved it! So so true, I hate the “I don’t think that’s healthy” comments! UGH! And thank you for the new word: schadenfreude!
    Blessings to you from a fellow Renegade and future enlister!

  2. Zeitgeist says:

    WOW, Walter!! You and the Redhead have thought of it all!! All of the pitfalls that we experience on the hCG Protocol have been prepared for!!

    You guys have created (what I expect to be) a top-of-the-line System!!

    Congrats on your upcoming start date!!!

  3. Coach Walter says:

    Thanks! Glad you like what we’re doing.

  4. Coach Walter says:

    I see you’ve had the “healthy” comment said to you as well, Donna. And yah, LOVE my fellow Renegades! And glad you loved the schadenfreude. One of my fave words for when no other word will do.

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