6 Secrets of Olympic-Level HCG Diet Peak Performance Part 2

Previously I introduced 6 reasons why coaching works so well in any area of life, especially for something like the HCG Diet. And why it is so desperately needed for folks on that journey.

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What HCG Diet Champions & Olympians Have In Common

If you missed it, then get up to speed with Does The HCG Diet Really Need Peak Performance Coaches?

Here are 3 of them (all missing from the typical HCG Diet instruction):

  • Being Held Accountable
  • Being Questioned And Challenged
  • Being Listened To…

Accountability On The HCG Diet

I’ve worked with athletes and non-athletes alike many times over the years. There were peak performers in there, in their respective fields.

And I can tell you this — in the key areas of peak performance, it doesn’t matter one whit whether they’re a pro athlete or CEO or work from a cubicle.

Excellence is excellence, peak performance is peak performance — no matter the field they are played upon.

I can tell you they all have one major thing in common — each peak performer personally held themselves to grueling high standards.

But even so, were it not for feeling accountable to teammates, fans, coaches, and board members; were it not for being held accountable by their coach or coaches, and management team who monitored their statistics, replayed film of misjudgments and mistakes, analyzed and assessed their performance, they would never have reached the levels of success they did.

In the woefully lacking field of peak performance on the HCG diet; the joke is, unfortunately, on those taking the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) approach on their HCG Diet journey.

Now, before we go further, let me just state for the record (and address the inevitable naysayers), I didn’t say that because I have an HCG Diet coaching program to sell.

Far from it, in fact.

I’ve been out here saying the DIY HCG Diet approach has some significant pitfalls practically since Day 1.

Just look at the HCG Diet Facebook walls and groups, and other online forums dedicated to the HCG Diet. Packed to the rafters of people whining and complaining about their HCG Diet experience/journey/what-have-you.

But they all have one thing in common – ‘…the HCG Diet is hard’ and they rarely succeed in KEEPING the weight off once they roll off it and into Phase 3 and 4.

Now, why is that? If the DIY HCG Diet approach is so great… if the voluminous amount of free HCG advice all works, then what the heck is really going on?

What’s missing? This…

Accountability for the HCG Diet, for starters.

Largely, the DIY HCG Diet crowd has a following just by the sheer volume of people who also don’t know any better, don’t know what they’re doing and consists of the mindset of “the HCG Diet information should be free!”

But you know the old saying about free advice: “The most expensive advice is bad advice.” And yet these very same misguided folk have been on and off the HCG Diet for years.

Problem: They don’t think like peak performers on the HCG Diet. They’re not able to stop and reassess and say to themselves, “My attitude… my actions… are they moving me closer or farther away from my goals for this HCG Diet round, from the results I intend to produce?”

Anyway, the joke is on them and it’s of the Good News/Bad News variety.

HCG Diet Good News: You’re your own! Congratulations!

HCG Diet Bad News: Because you’re on your own, you lack an accountability system (and no, the faint-hearted, fair-weather online HCG Diet group and wall “buddies” are NOT support).

But you also are missing an HCG Diet coach to guide you in committing to doing, changing, testing certain things between now and the next call or check-in/weight-in with him/her (I’m going to use the male pronouns, but know I mean both genders).

You’re missing someone to report your HCG Diet results to, be they good or bad. Then you’re missing an expert to help you reassess and develop a plan to get back on track.

Without an HCG Diet coach — you tend to drift while on your HCG Diet journey.

Now, that’s not a deficiency of yours or anything like that because we all drift. Without goals and objectives and people holding me accountable, I tend to drift, you tend to drift… heck we all tend to drift. It’s so prevalent, one of my coaches used to call it “The Drift.”

What is “The Drift?” The Drift is that default mode most people live their lives in, the mode where they never have a set direction and a plan to follow to get there.

That’s “The Drift.” And when you’re in the throes of The Drift, you’re easily (too easily) influenced and susceptible to unproven theories and ideas from the chorus of voices chirping away about the HCG diet like the latest “blue sawdust” wingie-ding ideas.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are some good folks out there who are just trying their best to help the new HCG Diet folks overwhelmed and lost with deluge of conflicting and outdated information. But they are few and far between and there’s no easy way to sort one from the other.

But a good HCG Diet coach or accountability buddy has you report back to him (or her) on those things you said you’d be accountable for.

They’re able to catch you at the moment you start to drift off course, pull you back and remind you of what it is you committed to accomplish and why it is important (to you).

In short, the accountability you get with a coach automatically improves your performance and consequently your results.

Being Questioned and Challenged On The HCG Diet

Next, you need someone with the chutzpah to question your choices and challenge your actions.

That’s usually not your friends and other HCG Diet’ers around you. Why? Because it’s human nature that, in the interest of preserving the peace, most will not adequately challenge your ideas, actions and in-actions.

See, it’s too easy in our P.C. culture to find yourself surrounded by “yes people.” Well-intentioned though your fellow HCG Diet’ers may be, it does you no good to be doing something that won’t produce the results you’re committed to, and there’s no one around to call you on it.

No one to whap you upside the head and say, “Snap out of it! You’re drifting!”

On the other hand, an HCG Diet coach coming in from the outside, the coach for whom you are paying for his expertise…

  • has no axe to grind
  • no ass to save
  • and no peace to keep

They’re there to help you produce those results.They don’t care that you might get your buttons pushed and never return a call… unfriend them on Facebook… or never return another text.

That person is on a mission, the mission you hired them for; and by God, he or she is going to do everything in their power to help you make that happen!

Note that I didn’t say ‘do it for you’ back there. I very explicity said, “help you.” The coach cannot be more committed to your results than you are. That’s not how it works. He’s just the guys whose resolve doesn’t waver even when yours does.

He can be both objective and challenge you to defend what you’re doing if you’re doing something counter-productive.

Being Listened To While On The HCG Diet

“Part therapist and part consultant,” is how a recent Newsweek magazine article described professional business/life coaches.

Sometimes, I’ve found, an HCG Diet coaching member will talk her way to her own terrific answer, solution, or plan of action if I’ll just listen instead of jumping in withe the solution.

TeamHCG has noticed the same.

Having an HCG diet coach with experience relevant to your own, who has been personally successful using HCG to take the weight off and keep it off, who can relate to you and who you can relate to is extremely beneficial.

Next up, I’ll reveal the remaining 3 reasons for coaching on the HCG Diet.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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