HCG Diet Accountability: Why Facebook Fails The HCG Dieter

Look, the #1 reason most people don’t enjoy astonishing results on the HCG Diet is lack of accountability.

hcg diet loves accountabilityI Am Accountable for My HCG Diet Results!

And one of the biggest perpetrators of this lack of accountability is Facebook. Now, it’s not just Facebook, btw.

Plenty of other online groups on Yahoo and Google are guilty of the same.

But I’m going to be focusing on Facebook because, hands down, it has the largest HCG community in the world.

And for that reason, the fake rah-rah, pat-you-on-the-back-with-meaningless-platitudes-just-so-no-one-gets-mad-at-me culture of denial permeates nearly every group.

Hell, people would rather swap and beg for recipes, would rather chat about their fave “cheat foods” (and will do so all day long, seemingingly) than to talk about how to stay on track… on target and reach their weight loss goals.

Worse, most don’t even have goals for the end of their HCG Diet journeys! And I mean REAL goals, not wishes and certainly not hopes. Hope is not a strategy, btw.

And they wonder why they won’t make it to the 6 month mark of keeping it off. Sad, really…

See, to install accountability correctly, you need a system to guide you from where you are to where you want to be — successfully losing the weight fast and keeping it off for good.

You need to keep score, in other words. Especially on the HCG Diet. You need to keep records… record your progress and do it diligently and accurately — i.e., not fudge the numbers because they’re not going in the direction you want them to go.

And accountability, done correctly, is amazingly powerful and produces great results. Every. Single. Time.

When you are held accountable (by yourself, by a coach or by friends you can count on) for explaining why you didn’t meet something like your weekly weight loss goal, or clean the pantries of tempting junk like you said you would, this can be a very effective motivator.

See, it doesn’t feel good to make excuses, least of all to your coach. While there might be very valid reasons why you didn’t accomplish something that was totally within your ability, these are usually rare.

You either did it or you didn’t. Why waste time with excuses?

Drifting On The HCG Diet

Outside of listening to unqualified people “advising” you while you’re on your HCG Diet journey, the biggest problem you face is “The Drift.”

“The Drift” is a term coined by one of my coaches (remember, to be successful in any worthwhile endeavor, you need at least one coach (I have several)), and when you’re in the throes of The Drift, you’re easily (too easily) influenced and susceptible to the wishful thinking of others.

During your HCG Diet journey, everyone gets a chance to deal with The Drift and how to counteract it.

Others will only notice it’s absence by how focused they are while on the HCG this time and it will be remarkably different that previous times.

Look, the next 9 weeks will pass whether you do anything differently or not about your weight. Those 63 days are going to pass.

The question is: what will you spend them doing? And will any of that make you a master of your own weight? Of your own body?

But if you do make a change, after 9 weeks you’ll see a significant improvement, you’ll lose record amounts of fat, you’ll feel and look like a new person, and you’ll be well on your way to the permanent resolution of your weight problem forever.

And isn’t that what we’re all after?

Trust me. When you’ve lost your first 30 lbs., and then know that you can keep them off? You are unstoppable and you make a quantum shift in what’s possible for your to accomplish.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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  1. Marsha says:

    looking forward to participating in your coaching/accountability program. 🙂 thank you!

  2. Kelly Anderson says:

    I can’t wait to hear about your new coaching program Walter. I have done this diet 5 times and every single time I have gained the weight back. Is is still possible for me to reset even if I’ve messed up on maintenance everytime. My other concern is that maybe I am too immune to HCG. How much is your new program?

  3. geralyn39 says:

    Bravo Walter! Well said.


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