[VIDEO] The “Line In The Sand” HCG Diet Whiteboard Talk

Have you set one yet for after your HCG Diet?

Do you know what your Line In The Sand Weight even is?

Do you know when you should define it?

Do you know how should you define it?


Look Job #1 for you, once you’ve lost the weight on the HCG Diet, is to keep it off.

I mean, come on — you didn’t invest all that time to go on the HCG Diet, go through all the trouble and inconvenience to do it correctly, and spend all that money on getting the right Rx HCG just to gain it all back before your Six Month Milestone™, did you?

Btw, this video is for the After phase (P4) of your HCG Journey.

Who Is This Walter Terry Guy? What Qualifies Him To Be An HCG Coach?

He’s been called “The greatest success story in HCG Diet history” because he’s the first HCG’er in its 60 year history to shed a whopping 157 lbs. in a record-breaking 123 days and keep it off years later.

Rare for any diet (especially the HCG Diet), because most never make it to their 6 Month Milestone™ without gaining it all back plus the proverbial extra 5-1o pounds.

Today, he and his crack team of HCG coaches have guided thousands through their HCG Journeys and onto being their own HCG Success Stories and his members have altogether lost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

His Gutless In Seattle blog, created to chronicle his unique HCG Journey is often called “The best free HCG Diet education anywhere.” Discover what you need to be successful on the HCG Diet at Gutless In Seattle.

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