“Help! My Husband’s Eating BBQ While I’m On The HCG Diet!”


Got HCG Diet Support?

You’re on your HCG Diet Journey but your family is not supporting you.

In fact, your spouse continues to what whatever he or she wants while you have a limited menu for six weeks.

So, what do you do?

Unfortunately, this is all too common. But it’s not always the family’s fault. Maybe you didn’t ask for support. Did you?

The Redhead (rem., she shed 80 lbs. on 2 rounds of HCG) and I were never on the HCG Diet at the same time.* Still, we made sure and never had foods and drinks off-plan when the other was around. (click to Tweet)

Especially at meal time.

That would have been just plain cruel. We basically ate what the other ate (when dining with that person) except in great quantities.

Not for nothing, in my HCG Diet Success Program, we have a whole coaching training on setting up your entire environment (yes, that includes your family) to win.

But if you’re like Maile, a recent commenter on the Gutless In Seattle site, you’re at your wit’s end.

Here’s what happened and my advice on what to do and what not to do…


Maile: Hi Walter, I started my 43-day HCG Sublingal Oral Drops (purchased through Nu Image) on Friday, Sep 6, 2013. I am on my 4th day at the VLCD. I have been slightly hungry and cravings are mild. Is this normal? If so, what’s the cause and what do you suggest I do to ignore the cravings? Thank you for your time and help!! 🙂

Walter: It could be a number of things and hard to tell w/o more info. It’s normal to be hungry around mealtime, y’know? 😉

Other than that, pots of coffee and/or green tea help. What are you using for instructions on doing the HCG Diet right?

Maile: “I am using Dr. Simeon’s “Pounds and Inches” plus the instructions that Nu Image gave me. I spread my meals throughout the day like this: HCG drops at 6AM; 1 serving of fruit at 8AM; 1 protein and 1 veggie at 11AM or noon; 1 protein and 1 veggie at 4PM or 5PM; and 1 fruit around 7PM. In between I drink LOTS of water (which I need to anyway…) to curb my hunger pains and/or cravings. Although I’m having these feelings, they have been fairly mild, but was concerned that something was not normal. The hardest part is WANTING to eat the potato salad and BBQ ribs that my husband is having for dinner. Perhaps it is psychological? It’s hard enough to break a habit…any habit, but retraining my body (and mind) to eating healthier is harder than I expected. I haven’t tried Green Tea to help curb my appetite, but I will certainly give it a try.

I want to thank you for taking the time to have this website available to those who are confused about the HCG Diet. I heard about it from a friend who bought hers from GNC for $40. I did much research and happened to stumble upon your website. What a relief! FINALLY….a person that has “been there, done that”.

You and your website has educated me to the misguided belief that homeopathic HCG is the same as the pharmaceutical HCG. I decided that my health was worth $400 to buy prescription HCG, have the support of trained individuals, and lose weight for good….not just a quick fix, a gimmick. I have given your name and website to others and have encouraged them to go through Nu Image Medical. Your website has been a positive influence on my HCG journey and I cannot thank you enough for being there for all of us!!”

Walter: I would cut out the morning fruit and replace it with green tea (if coffee is not your thing). Rem, “coffee is food” while on HCG. You won’t get the buzz you get when you drink too much coffee w/o the HCG in your system.

> WANTING to eat the potato salad and BBQ ribs that my husband is having for dinner.

Wow. That is cruel and unusual punishment! Lol… doesn’t sound like your husband is not onboard for supporting your HCG Journey.

That’s too bad. Family support is key and that’s why I have a whole training on it in my coaching program. It’s THAT important.

Thanks for you very kind words about me and the program. Glad we’re having a positive impact! Ahhh… love it when someone gets it. When they get what I do and what I’m all about. You made my day!

Hey, even though you’re not a member, shoot us your Before and After pics and we’ll enter you into the drawing for a free 7 day Dream Cruise, courtesy Gutless In Seattle.

HCG Diet Lesson Takeaways

#1: You’ve got to get your family onboard. As much as possible, get them to not have foods and drinks off-plan when you’re around. Especially at meal time.

#2: You’ve got to set your living and work environments up for you to win.

#3: The best times to do #1 and #2 is BEFORE you begin your HCG Diet Journey.

#4: “Coffee Is Food” on the HCG Diet. (click to Tweet)
Pots of green tea and coffee act as “bonus foods.” Meaning you can have as much of either (I would alternate a pot of coffee in the morning and green tea in the afternoons during all 3 of my rounds) and it doesn’t count against your 500 calorie restriction. Woohooo!

Stay Gutless!

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  1. Maile Zimin says:

    Hi Walter, thank you for sharing my story so that others may learn. Just so you know, the Green Tea worked! Instead of eating my fruit in the morning I drink a cup or two of Green Tea and it helped curb my hunger and cravings.

    Thank you for the advice and I certainly hope others (even just one person) benefit from my struggles! 🙂

  2. Rene' says:

    thanks for offering this suggestions. I wish many more would as I walk this journey today. I will buy green tea today for breakfast. Is Snapple ok, it does have sugar>!

  3. Coach Walter says:

    > Is Snapple ok, it does have sugar


    Snapple? Rather than just blurt out the answer, I’m more interested in your thought process as to why you think you CAN have something like Snapple, which by your own admission has sugar in it (and a number of other things you can’t have on the HCG protocol)?

    So please, let’s talk about that first. Why do you think you can have a Snapple?


    Walter Terry

    #1 Amazon bestselling author
    Founder and Creator of LongLive University, the HCG Diet Success Coaching Program and Gutless In Seattle

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