“How Many Rounds Are Too Many On The HCG Diet?”

Are you on the HCG Diet merry-go-round?

Know someone who is?HCG Diet Merry-go-round

Lol… I don’t know about you but I know a lot of those!

And see ’em every day online, asking the one question that will hurt more than help them.

But you’ve seen them too, right?

Those HCG Dieters going on 6, 8 even 10 rounds?!

And bragging about it on their little digital hangouts, chatboards from the nineties, or HCG hobby blogs or on YouTube?

Ay-yi-yiii… are you kidding me?! That’s DANGEROUS.

Look, that’s harder on your body that being overweight in the first place.

Quick Advice: Stop it. Stop it now!

Going on the HCG diet anywhere from once to several times a year is one of the most dangerous ways of managing their weight I’ve ever seen.

Here’s the problem facing every hcg dieter who hasn’t bothered to properly educate themselves before going on this very demanding diet by their lonesomes.

I call them “low-information dieters.” And they’re just one part of the equation. The other part are those who aren’t qualified to tell others how to do the HCG diet because they haven’t been successful with it.

The first category are the well-meaning but misguided folks who look for someone, anyone to get free HCG advice from. But the problem, for them, is rarely if ever do they confirm the HCG advice giver knows what they’re talking about.

Case in point, when I was admin on several Facebook HCG groups, I was constantly dumbfounded on the sheer numbers of those who came into their HCG Journey…

  • Ill-prepared for doing the diet correctly
  • Never heard of Dr. Simeons
  • Had never cracked open a copy of the “Pounds and Inches” report

But they would take advice from anyone who cared to respond to their questions and never checked to see if that person had ever done a round successfully, or not.

I shouldn’t have to tell folks this, but this is the Internet, after all. Just because someone says it’s true, doesn’t mean it is.

And that brings me to the other side of the problem. The unscrupulous HCG Diet “coaches” and sellers.

Hidden HCG Diet Failure Formulas At Work

For example, there’s that one HCG guy whose claim to fame is that he lost 40 lbs. on one round of HCG.

That’s a good amount of weight loss for a round but a little on the low side for males.

But now he goes on HCG several times a year because his metabolism never reset and he can’t maintain his fat losses. Furthermore, he has screwed up his metabolism by taking steroids to artificially pump up his muscles.

On his YouTube page there’s even a video showing his “special shelf” he has in his fridge for his HCG. Yep, he goes on it that often.

And yet, he’s charging unsuspecting “low-information” HCG’ers for his “expertise.” He even gives out his cell phone number for his “coaching” which is free, if you buy his cheap overseas HCG.

Then there’s another HCG hobby blogger who took 5 rounds (and counting!) of HCG just to lose a mere 60 lbs (what I lost in ONE round, twice). She appeals to the DIY crowd because she’s a cute mommy blogger and she’ll answer everyone’s email questions every day.

Guess she doesn’t have a real job because once word gets out to the freebie seekers, that becomes a full-time job by itself. I know.

Quick ADD Moment: That’s a business model for failure ( and they are both running HCG businesses, though the mommy blogger tries to hide it). It’s not scalable. Being at the beck and call of others who can call you and email you EXPECTING an answer is insane.

But I digress.

One of them has a very specific disease that she takes medications for, and at least one of those meds works against the HCG in her system to mobilize her fat stores.

That’s the real reason why she took so many rounds to lose a mere 60 pounds.

If you’ll recall, in my first two rounds, I lost 60 lbs, too. Per round. We just had one member complete our HCG Diet Success Program and she shed 56 lbs. In one round.

What’s the difference? Well, our team are HCG experts and they know what they’re doing. They have all shed the excess fat and inches, kept it off and stabilized.

Normally our members shed between 30-40 lbs per round. If I were to average it, it comes to about 32.3/round.

So, the question you should want to know is: since 30-40 lbs. is the normal for men and women on HCG — then why was the hobby blogger losing so little each round? (click to Tweet)

It amazes that no one asks people like her that question.

You should, you know. Because her advise isn’t “free.” Not really, because you “pay” for their (lack of) expertise when you click on the links and buy HCG from them.

Both have, consciously or unconsciously, built up this mini cult-like belief in that it’s ok to go on many rounds of HCG.

But this is the problem of the DIY approach and depending on many others of questionable skill and experience to manage your diet by running to them every 5 minutes and asking “Can I have this?”, “Can I have that?”

Lol… you can see the problem and the trend here, right?

Why is this even an issue?

The Most Dangerous HCG Diet Maintenance Formula

Due to bad advice as well as ignorant and deliberate misinformation circulated online about it, you’ll see HCG’ers and “coaches” going on the HCG diet anywhere from once to several times a year.

That is, hands down, the most dangerous ways of managing weight I’ve ever seen.

They have to do this because they failed to do the HCG protocol right and thus they failed to reset their metabolism.

Look, being on any diet that many times… is hard on your body. (click to Tweet)

The medical field calls it “chronic dieting,” but it is more clinically known as “diet cycling” which are two fancy ways of calling it what it is: yo-yo dieting.

And in the next article we’re going to take a look at it and how for you to use to empower your next diet – whether it’s the HCG Diet or something else.

Stay tuned for that.

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