How To Reverse Engineering A Great HCG Diet Before The Holidays

HCG Diet Time Running Out!

HCG Diet Time Running Out!

Want to get in one last round of the HCG Diet before the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holiday season?

Then listen up because this is for you.

In order to lose the most fat and inches on each round of your HCG Journey, you need to plan intelligently.

Every minute you spend planning your HCG Journey will save you 45 minutes of uncertainty during your round. Click to tweet

Trust me when I say that the last place you want to be trying to figure out why you are stalling, or gaining… or not losing enough is while you’re in the middle of it.

My team and I have coached thousands through their success rounds on the HCG Diet and those who are most successful are those who plan for the contingencies before they start.

Of course, if they’re in our coaching program, they have my crack TeamHCG to do that for them…

So, let’s take a look at where you are right now, okay?

To do the HCG Diet RIGHT, you need a FULL 9 weeks, okay? Not six. Nine.

If you’re a member, you’re in the program an extra three weeks because we want to make sure that you make that transition from the During Phase (P2) to the Transition Phase (P3) to the After Phase (P4) and do everything we can to guarantee that you have within your toolbox everything you need going forward to always stay within five pounds of your lasting weigh-in day.

Ideally, having a couple of extra weeks to ease into your After Phase (P4) before being hit with major temptations that come with the holidays would be fantastic; but hey, we don’t live in a perfect world. If we did, my hair would be a different color!

So, you need a full nine weeks – six weeks for the actual During Phase (P2) and then you need an extra three weeks to make sure you stabilize and are ready to maintain for the After Phase.

Begin With The End In Mind (Of Your HCG Diet)

So undoubtedly you’re not going to start on Labor Day weekend – but just for the purposes of this article let’s assume you start on the ninth.

That’s a Monday and Mondays are great day to start new beginnings.

So it’s Monday September 9th…

This is How To Reverse Engineer A Round Of The HCG Diet Before The Holidays

So it’s Monday the 9th and when you clock out nine weeks ahead – that puts you at November 11! That’s barely two weeks before Thanksgiving!

Talk about down to the wire! You’re almost already out of time and it could be stressful to put that much pressure on yourself before you even begin.

Ideally, the more time you give yourself before major temptation-fest like the Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday, the better for your mind and body. Hey, just looking out for you here.

And you won’t find anyone else telling you to do this, this far in advance.

Therefore… I have a back-to-school/Fall special for you $50 off your HCG when you order through the link below ONLY. Click to tweet

It’s a Gutless In Seattle exclusive and just my way of saying thank you for being here.

See, my intent is to enable the most weight loss transformations with the HCG diet, not just make money. There’s nothing wrong with making money, btw, because if you don’t, you have a very expensive hobby. Most HCG people online and off are hobbyists. But money is just a way to keep score, that’s all.

Heh… frankly, if I was all about making money – I’d sell homeopathic HCG. Selling cheap magic water with no actual HCG to “low-information” dieters in it is far more lucrative than any pharmacy.

Just sayin’…

So there you go. Hopefully you see this in time to take advantage of it! Here’s to your successful HCG Journey!Nu Image order

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