Which Is The Correct Dose Of HCG On The HCG Diet?

This is for the Before phase (also known as P1) of your HCG Diet Journey…

…even though you’ll be using it during the During Phase (was Phase 2).Respect the HCG Diet Chemistry poster

Are you using the correct dose while on your HCG Diet Journey?

How do you know that you are using exactly the right amount of HCG and not a drop more?

Were you “Breaking Bad” and got your dosage instructions off the Internet? As Walter White, aka Heisenberg would say, “You’ve got to respect the chemistry.”

And respecting the chemistry is all about using the just the right amount of the ingredients and not a drop more, not a drop less. Y’know, just like real-life chem.

How do you know you have the correct dose of HCG for your journey?

Did you get it from a known expert, from someone who knows from experience which dosing amount works and what is a total waste of your time and money, let alone your HCG?

Or… did you get it from some Facebook group or from some HCG hobby blogger who goes on round after round of the HCG Diet as they lose and gain… and gain and lose the same 20 pounds over and over again?

Some of them are on their 5th and 10th rounds on the HCG Diet! Wow! Do you know how crazy that many rounds are? Let alone how hard that is on their bodies?

But I digress.

You want to know for a fact about how much HCG you should take each round, right?
I mean, that’s why you’re here, right?

This Guarantees The Best Results On Your HCG Diet Journey

So why does the correct HCG dose matter so much?

Because your entire HCG Journey is one of precision and speedyou’ve got to do everything precisely, correctly and you only have 6 weeks in which to lose the most fat and inches safely possible. Next to the quality of your HCG this is the next most important matter to guarantee you lose the most fat and inches that round.

Usually, not enough HCG hormone in your body manifests as excessive hunger while on your HCG Journey but it could be an indicator of a couple of things:

  • Your HCG is weak or there is not enough hormone in there, less than the 125 IU’s mandated by Dr. Simeons’ original protocol
  • You’re eating something that’s interfering with the HCG mobilizing your fat stores
  • You’re on some prescription medication that is doing the same

For All HCG Diets: The Right HCG Dose Sweet Spot

Sixty years ago, in Dr. Simeon’s original protocol the dosing was 125 IU’s, injected intramuscularly (IM), into the muscle.

And btw, total fallacy that you need to “dose higher” depending on whether injecting subcutaneously (SQ), into the fat layer or intramuscularly (IM), into the muscle.

It’s the same amount of HCG no matter how you inject it. Sheesh…

Now, why am I focusing only on shots here? Simply because of the 3 ways to take your HCG, it’s the best. Click to see why.

And when I read this from one hobby blogger:

“There’s really no set facts here- I’m just relating my observations based on my own experience and the experience of the many people that I’ve watched on YouTube.”

I couldn’t stop laughing at the sheer, utter nonsense of it. Just because she was inexperienced and learned whatever she thinks she knows from the mistakes of others – she somehow concludes, “There’s really no set facts.”

Again, the problem with HCG hobby blogs is the utter lack of facts and no obligation to back up what they claim with some responsibility. Keep in mind that many of them never stabilize off the HCG diet and go on it several times a year to keep their weight down.

A dangerous, dangerous practice, btw, when you know the hidden dangers of too many rounds of dieting – whether it’s the HCG Diet or some other one.

Here’s another example of someone’s “free” advice that will do more harm than good:

“In the right dose of HCG is a bit of a guessing game and requires you to tune into your body a bit- however, it’s not as hard as it sounds most of the time, and once you do find a good dose, ensuing rounds of HCG will be easier to get your dosing right from the beginning.”

Uh-Uh, Sister. There Is A Right HCG Dose. Here It Is…

I changed the dosing instructions for our members when I read a little-known 2007 study of the HCG protocol where they tested higher dosages against the control of Simeons’ original 125 IU’s dose.

Guess which lost the most fat and inches with minimal loss of lean muscle mass?

Uh-huh. The higher dose won.


The most successful HCG Dieters dose in the 200-250 IU range. Period. Click to Tweet


As you can see, despite claims of some of the hobby bloggers, there is an exact dosage and it does work better than anything else.

And it’s just one of five one the secret formulas that make our members so successful. It’s one of the reasons why they…

  • Shed the most fat and inches
  • Lose the most weight
  • Keep the weight, fat and inches off and…
  • Have the largest number of metabolisms reset because they stay within five pounds of their last weighing day long past their six-month milestone.

We know this because we follow-up with our members up to a year after their last day of their HCG Diet Journey so we know how well they’re doing long after they left the program.

And you know what? Most never, ever go on another diet again. Think how it would feel, to be done with dieting forever!

So, the choice is yours.

Want to lose the minimum each round? Go with Dr. Simeons’ original dose of 125 IU’s.

Want to pay Russian Roulette with the time, energy, effort and above all, your money? Then “try” dosing in different amounts – 75, 150, 165 IU’s and keeping “playing” around with different doses until the time runs out on your HCG Journey.

Orrrrr… if you truly want to lose the most and have the optimal HCG Diet Journey? Then 250 IU’s is where you need to play. Click to tweet

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