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So I noticed you attended my 3 Keys To Major HCG Diet Success webinar or you saw the video about my program but you never joined.

So my question I can’t quite wrap my head around is this:

“Why haven’t you tried the most successful program to help you optimize your HCG Journey?”

What’s stopping you?

You took a look at it, saw what it has already done for thousands and I can only think that there are two reasons you decided not to invest in this program.

1)  One is that you were just checking us out and you don’t really need what we have to offer – you already weigh your ideal weight, you like the figure you see in the mirror and you have no problem maintaining your weight at that ideal level.

In that case, CONGRATULATIONS! You did what many rarely manage to achieve on their own.


2) You’re skeptical about the program and weren’t ready to make the investment.

Cool. Fair enough. So let’s eliminate the source of your skepticism. Let’s make this easy. I’m going to make the first payment for you.

Test Drive My HCG Diet Success Program For 5 Bucks

I’m going to open up the doors to the world’s #1 HCG Diet Success Made Easy coaching program for you to test drive for only five bucks and fair warning: I only have 50 spots available so keep reading.

Now some will even whine about that small amount, “But why do I have to pay anything?”

Because we’ve learned a few things over the years while coaching thousands to become their own Success Stories and shed over 200,026 lbs of fat.

One of the things we’ve learned is this…

If someone wasn’t even willing to spend a measly five bucks — basically the cost a Starbucks coffee – to go along this path and get your weight problem solved once and for all, then we already know right now that this is not for you. We are not going to be able to help you because we know that, to create a better future, you are going to have to make an investment in yourself and your future.

That investment is going to require some capital, some money and of course some of your time. Any worthwhile investment in yourself does.

So, if you’re not willing to shell out five bucks for that, we can part ways right here.

But if you are someone who understands the power of investing in yourself and reaping the rewards of that, then…

Yeah, I’m gonna let ya try it before you buy it. How’s that?

So for 7 days you’ll be able to get in and see why we have the most success stories of those losing the most fat and inches on their HCG Journey — i.e., those who keep the weight off past the all-important 6 Month Milestone™.

So basically what you’ll have access to is what we call “Your Ultimate HCG Diet Success Jumpstart.” Otherwise known as Week #01 of our program.  😉

What you’re getting is access to the all-important Week 01 — Setting Yourself Up To Win prep that pretty much determines how much you’ll lose in Phase 2.

What Happens After The Test Drive Is Over?

So, what do you do when your 7 days are up and you’ve decided that this program is the one for you? Great! Do nothing. Like I said, we’re making the first payment for you.

You will just be billed the balance of $192. And then congratulations on putting yourself in the only HCG Diet program that guarantees max loss of fat and inches and then shows you how to keep it off for life.

But if you decide that this is not the program for you,  hey don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone! It’ll be our little secret. Just let us know and we’ll cancel your membership and you won’t have paid anything more than 5 bucks.

Of course, after your test drive is over and you want it but if you’re not ready to begin yet, that’s fine. You can set your program start date for up to 6 months out. So you could start a week from now… two weeks… a month… and so on.

Just tell us when you would like your program to start and we’ll set it up for you on our end.

But this test drive offer is only for this limited time. After it’s over then the program goes back to $297. No exceptions.

I’m only running this for a few days and then I’m shutting it off. Maybe for good. Maybe not. Depends.

Like I said, when you’ve made the decision this is for you, jump on it because it won’t last.

Just sayin’…

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Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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