An Utter And Complete Failure Of The HCG Diet…

HCG Diet Horror Story: She’s On It 2-3 Times A Year!

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Is This Your HCG Diet?

…At least for this woman it was. But I see it every day on the Facebook groups and Yahoo forums that this woman is more typical of the results most self-instructed HCG Diet’ers get rather than the exception. Quite the opposite of those who come out of my HCG Diet Success Program.

So let’s file this under “If you can’t be a Role Model then be a warning.”


And I’m not joking here. Before you read further you need to make sure you have your Big Girl (or Big Boy) pants on ’cause this is gonna hurt. Especially if you’re one of those who goes on the HCG Diet several times a year because you never did it right in the first place.

This is the Straight Truth and No BS place to be. Everything else can walk.

The Question

So Stephanie submitted this question via the Chat feature of our free webinar My 3 Keys To Major HCG Diet Success and I’m leaving out her last name to spare her the embarrassment.

– Senders Question: “I am an HCG dieter since 2009. I went from a size 8 to a size 4 in one month and lost 18 lbs. I started witha a strict program through a medical doctor using Releana drops. Over the years I have maintained my size however I have at times found myself beginning to gain wait so I would go on another round of HCG. To maintain my size I have probably taken at least 2 to 3 round of HCG each year. I keep hoping I will “fix” the areas of my body that I am not so happy with. I have seen results but I’m still not where I want to be. I’m tired of dieting now and I would like to end the HCG cycle of dieting. I’m hoping I haven’t ruined what HCG can actually do for me and in shaping my body by taking so many rounds. I admit I’ve cheated ALOT! What can I do to turn this around?… and is it too late?”

Wow… Are you starting to get the magnitude of the problem here?

So here’s what I wrote back to her and her problem is so common that everyone needs to be aware of the stakes.

The #1 HCG Diet Coach’s Response:

Wow, Stephanie, there’s so much crazy stuff going on here, I hardly know where to begin and that’s saying something from someone who has coached thousands through the twists and turns of their HCG Diet Journey.

> To maintain my size I have probably taken at least 2 to 3 round of HCG each year.

If you haven’t already, you really need to see the latest episode of HCGDTV Episode 03: How Many Rounds Are Too Many? because it talks about the damage done to the body from too many rounds on HCG (or any diet for that matter).

And having to be on it 2-3 times a year is symptomatic of not only bad instruction, but that your metabolism never reset, which isn’t a big surprise since Releana drops aren’t really HCG in the first place.

HCG Diet TV Episode 03

HCGD-TV Episode 03

> I admit I’ve cheated ALOT!

But why? And can’t you see that’s part of the problem, Stephanie? That you so easily and cheerfully admit it is concerning. You seem to have no guilt or remorse about wasting all that time and money on the HCG nor any awareness of what you’ve done to your body without being concerned about anything other than the cosmetic aspects.

Again, clearly whatever instruction you’re getting is not working. You can see that, yes? So, time to get better instruction since 4 years on and off the diet has not worked for you.

In our program, members aren’t considered a “success” until they’re able to remain w/n 5 lbs of their last day up to and past their 6 Month Milestone™. Yes, we have a higher bar than most, but then that’s why we have more permanent successes than anyone else.

But back to HCG drops, Releana or otherwise, drops are the third worst way to take your HCG as seen in another : HCGD-TV Episode 01: Three Best Ways To Take Your HCG

HCG Diet TV Episode 01

HCGD-TV Episode 01

Hope that helps. If you were asking for more advice I’d say you need to do several things ASAP:

  1. Give your poor body a break and not diet for 6 months
  2. Replenish all the nutrition you’ve sapped your body of by all that starving and mistreating it (being on the 500 calorie protocol w/o REAL Rx HCG in your system leeches away A LOT of vitamins and nutrients!)
  3. Get checked out by a doctor somewhere during that time and then if you want to do the HCG diet right, then join our program and do it one last time and then never diet again.

You’ve seen the webinar so you know it’s possible and you know how to join when it’s time.

Now, let’s be clear. This is not a pitch for you to join our program. In fact, unless there is a HUGE mental shift going to happen, then we’re not a good fit. I like to work with those who are a little more connected to the consequences of their actions.

The rest is up to you. Best of luck whatever you decide.

Wrapping It All Up

Most have forgotten, if they ever knew it in the first place, the original promise of the HCG Diet — that it safely helps you shed 30-40+ pounds in a little over a month and during that time your metabolism resets.

But as you can see, that clearly did not happen and she’s not alone.

Personally, this was one of the most upsetting questions I’ve received. I know how much damage she’s done to her body because we have medical pros on staff and they’ve shown me what happens to the human body by chronically starving it practically to death. To repeat that “2 to 3 rounds of HCG each year”… I can’t imagine what this poor woman’s body looks like on the inside, let alone the outside.

And the other upsetting thing is how common this problem is. When this came up at the last staff meeting, some of the members of TeamHCG threatened to take over the writing of these responses just because I take it so personally.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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