[HCG Diet 5 Lessons Learned] Lesson Learned #1 (cont’d): Which Plan SHOULD You Follow?

So in the first part of lesson one I talked about the need for an official HCG Diet manual…

and the problems of having no official manual, no official document for the HCG diet protocol that hasn’t been altered many times over the years. Most often by unqualified professionals.

So the big question is  which HCG plan should you follow?

Unfortunately, you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. You know that, right?
LOL… I think you do, otherwise you wouldn’t even be here. Since you found your way to the Gutless In Seattle blog and downloaded the free report, I already know something things about you.

We tend to attract smarter, more skeptical folks interested in the HCG Diet and I think one of the reasons you liked what you saw was because your BS meter has going off many times reading all the blahblahblah about the HCG Diet elsewhere online and you’re looking to someone to talk to you straight about what works and doesn’t work.

You want someone to shoot straight with you, sit you down and talk with you and tell you what they would tell a friend or a loved one.

If I just described you, then relax, you’re in the right place. If not… lol, boy, are you in the wrong place!

Look, there are some very good slick willy salespeople and scammers online. It’s tough to sort it all out. I know. Not only did my HCG Diet Journey almost get ruined by those jerks, I hear from many of you each week sharing your horror stories of listening to them.

So here is some criteria about whether this resource/person/coach or whatever is credible or not.

If I had this from the very beginning of my HCG Diet Journey…

I would have lost more fat and inches than what I did. Even though what I did was a record… it could have been done in even less time.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Do they have Before and After pictures? You won’t be surprised to know that a lot of people selling HCG products and coaching online have never even been on the HCG diet before. One “nurse” not only invented her own protocol, she herself has never been on the Diet. So the problem with getting coaching from people like her, is they have no frame of reference for what you’re going through because they’ve never actually been there before. So, you want to look for those pictures and preferably make sure the pictures are from this century LOL…
  • Whose Pictures Are Those? Be very cautious about people using stock photos or models of twenty-something-year-olds. Those perfect-looking beauties are there to fool you. Not only have those models never been on the HCG Diet, I doubt they’ve even heard of it. Model photos are used to fool you into thinking that if you just buy their over-priced glop, then you too will look like that. Sorry, that ain’t gonna happen. The next time you see some twenty-something male or female model with that little stereotypical tape measure wrapped around their tiny waist, unless it explicitly states otherwise, that person has never been on HCG.
  • What’s Their Track Record? Look at their own track record. How many rounds had they been on?  If they say 5 you need to be skeptical.   But pay attention to how many pounds were lost each round? If it was less than 25 pounds and they’re over 100 pound overweight – something’s very, very wrong with the way they’re doing it.  Furthermore, do they have any proof of their results? If they coach others who else is getting significant results following their plan? What kind of results are they getting? And more importantly are they keeping those results to and past their 6 Month Milestone™?
  • What Do They Know and What Do They Think They Know? If you go onto those Facebook HCG groups or the Google and Yahoo groups and ask a question, you’ll get a lot of different answers. And I want you to keep this in mind – most of it is hearsay and has no factual basis at all. And you have to be able to quick sort out the wheat from the chafe or you’ll soon be in trouble. Online, the HCG information tends to be like one giant game of telephone – of one person reads something on one group and then he or she rushes over to a different group, wanting to appear to be the expert and then blurting out her “new” info with unearned authority, something they have no experience with whatsoever. So be careful of that. It happens more often than not.
  • Know What You’re Doing Before You Do It. And lastly there’s those who are just experimenting with little to no guidance whatsoever and are going on their HCG Journey using only what they read in those groups. Think about that for a moment. The original HCG protocol is very exacting and doesn’t tolerate mistakes. To lose the most fat and inches each round you really have to know what you’re doing or are following someone who does.

Frankly every week I’m astounded by the number of people that don’t even know about Dr. Simeons, the creator of the original HCG diet protocol; that, they don’t even know about his ground-breaking Pounds And Inches report! They have no grounding for what does work for what doesn’t work from an independent, verifiable source.

And as astounding as it may seem, some people do the entire six week HCG Journey just by following a hodgepodge of what different people are claiming on Facebook and other places. No wonder they’re confused all the time and no wonder they get minimal results and their metabolism reset never happens.

And lastly, what’s up with all the different protocols? The 500… 800… 1,000 and the 1,200 calorie HCG protocols?

We’ll look into in the next Lessons Learned email.

Coming up in a day or two.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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  1. disqus_SETCRKC9kp says:

    What is the correct potency of HCG that you should be taking daily?

  2. Coach Walter says:

    If you have the correct HCG then it should be in the 98.3%+ range.

  3. disqus_SETCRKC9kp says:

    what is the correct doese for hcg troches? I have heard form 40ic to 500 ic Is it better to take once a day or twice a day ?

  4. Coach Walter says:

    It is better to take them according to the directions from wherever you ordered them from.

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