[HCG Diet 5 Lessons Learned] More Lesson Learned #5: Summing it all up

Summing it all up, this was my first two weeks of my HCG Diet:

Massive migraines, ravenous hunger and weak as a kitten.

The first couple weeks of my HCG Diet Journey, Round 1 were not going well.

That first round was nearly deep-sixed before it even began because I was following a lot the bad advice from online know-it-alls who actually knew nothing.

But I didn’t have enough education to know that. I didn’t have someone like me to get the straight scoop from. This type of blog didn’t exist.

If you’ve read Dr. Simeon’s original Pound And Inches report there’s a lot of detail missing there! And that’s an understatement.

So like many who do the HCG Diet, I was piecing together how to do the diet right while I was on the diet. Not a good idea. Horrible one, in fact.

But with the help of two mentors, one of whom was an Italian nurse practitioner of Dr. Simeons, I was able to get it straightened out and go on to lose a total of 60 pounds that round.

Which is still a bit of a record to this day. 😉

Want to know something I try not to think about too much?

I try not to think about how much I would’ve lost if I hadn’t spent nearly 2 weeks following people who did not know what they were talking about.

Maybe I would’ve only needed two rounds of the HCG Diet instead of three. Like I said, I try not think about too much.

Here are some things to look for (and be on the lookout for) when taking online advice:

  • You want a credible support system
  • You need a great mentor/coach for this trip. No one successfully does it alone.
  • And you want some kind of support team behind it all

And you want to know before you pay for some program that it has worked for others and there is a blueprint to follow.

Things like homeopathic HCG and hormone free HCG are two very common examples of non-medical, anecdotal “facts.”

Caution: The Homeopathic HCG Diet Trick

For over 150 years, science has been trying to prove whether homeopathic substances work or not. So far, the best they can determine is that it works by the placebo effect.

By definition, a homeopathic HCG can only have a trace molecule of the HCG hormone in it.

Different sellers call it different things… an “essence”… a “magnetic imprint”… what-ev-er.

Now, let’s think rationally here, okay?

Modern science doesn’t have instruments sensitive enough to detect a single molecule of the HCG hormone in these HCG “drops” tablets and nasal sprays.

Also, we don’t have a way of detecting whether there is a “magnetic imprint” of the HCG hormone in there or not.

But one thing we can all agree on is that a couple of molecules that may or may not exist… a “magnetic imprint” that may or may not be there, is not the same as what has been medically proven.

Medical science has proved that in order for the HCG protocol to work effectively, you need a minimum of 125 IUs of the HCG hormone in your system during a six week period or else your body will go into starvation mode and burn your muscle tissue and make you weak.

Period. End of story. That’s all she wrote.

What else should you look for?

Recipes. Recipes are good. A nice library of proven, tested satisfying recipes of foods, meals and dishes you can have while on the HCG protocol. Just don’t get obsessive about it. There are more Phase 2 recipes than there is time to eat them. So pick a few core ones and move on.

And they not only have to be satisfying but they have to have some kind of scientific basis behind them. You want to look for an effective food combining program based on a food list for maximum metabolism boosting fat burning.

You don’t need a huge variety of foods while you’re on a round.

You just need the ones that will optimize your fat-burning and help facilitate your metabolism resetting. It’s only for six weeks, you can put up with anything for six weeks!

And lastly, of the three things every effective HCG program should have is that you need coaching on the Mental Game.

The failure of most HCG programs out there is that they rarely if ever address this component. And here’s a little secret: it’s all a Mental Game. There’s not a step on your HCG Journey that doesn’t involve having your head in the game.

Most programs out there sell homeopathic HCG.

You order their 500% marked up bottles of water with cheap vitamins added, and because they’re such swell guys, they even throw in a copy of Dr. Simeons’ Pounds And Inches report (which they have rewritten to make it look like Dr. Simeons approved of homeopathic HCG – psst, he didn’t. Because it didn’t exist until 2007 and he wasn’t alive then).

They sell that to you, pat you on the butt and send you on your way. Some have started email coaching. But that’s a non-starter. You can guide anyone through the twists and turns of an HCG Journey via email.

Others have started their own “secret” Facebook groups, and one requires you to buy their book before you can join.

When I created the HCG Diet Success Program,  I brought my background in sports psychology and 40 years in the martial arts to the table and baked it right into the program.

So by the time a member has gone through all 12 weeks of the program, they not only have their Physical Game handled, they have their Mental Game handled as well.

And again I think it’s one of the main factors and why so many of our members not only take off the most fat and inches each and every round, but they also had the highest success rate of keeping it off long past the  all-important 6 Month Milestone™.

Something to consider, eh?

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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