[HCG Diet 5 Lessons Learned] More Lesson Learned #4: Goofy HCG Drops Mixing Follies

Those crazy HCG Diet mixing videos.

The most confusing and confused section of YouTube are these people, right?

The mixing of HCG drops has screwed up more HCG Diets than anything else outside of the invention of homeopathic and “hormone-free” HCG.

Why? Human error.

See, the worst way to take HCG Drops is by mixing them yourself with those “Sublingual HCG Diet Mixing Kits” those overseas pharmacies try to get you to buy.

Why? Because we’re all human and this is where most goof up their entire HCG Journey despite the best instructions on the world.

I’m tellin’ ya, we used to have the best step-by-step mixing directions + a easy-to-follow video and folks still managed to goof it all up!

Know what the worst part of the mix-it-yourself drops are?

You’ll never know you goofed up mixing the HCG until it’s too late. By then you’re weeks into your HCG Diet journey and you’re not losing and you’re hungry, cranky and anxious because you mixed incorrectly and your HCG simply isn’t strong enough and/or you don’t have enough for your entire journey.

By that time, you’ve lost anywhere from valuable days to maybe even weeks (depending on how quickly you acted) — time you could have spent shedding fat and inches!

That’s the whole point of being on the HCG Diet in the first place, remember?

So if you’re going to use HCG Diet Drops…

If you must , if you insist, despite the fact there are 2 better, more effective ways to take your HCG — then the easiest and most effective way to take the HCG Drops are the use the ones from Nu Image Medical.

And no, this is not a commercial for them, just simple facts. The folks at Nu Image has made the HCG sublingual mixing process (mostly) goof-proof and theirs is better than any other company in the entire HCG industry.

With their HCG sublingual mixing kit (not the horrendous ones from the overseas pharmacies), all you get are 2 bottles. Simple, right?

See, overseas pharmacies sell cheap, low-quality HCG to the unsuspecting public. And they keep the price cheap by cutting corners everywhere. One way to do this is to sell you weak HCG but load you up with a really cheap “Sublingual HCG Diet Mixing Kit” full of more glassware than a mad scientist’s chemistry lab, just to make it look like a lot to justify the cost.

Unfortunately, too many folks, not understanding the concept of VALUE, think that the amount of value for their dollar can be measured by volume. So when they get a huge pile of mixing glassware, they think they got a lot for their money.

Nuh-uh. That’s not smart thinking, that’s Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish thinking that has deep-sixed more HCG Diets than I can count.

I learned this the hard way when my first book was published, Secrets Of The HCG Diet Champions.

Apparently, according to some haters, if I had written a 200-page book filled with unproven assertions and totally recycled gibberish sucked off the Internet, then they would have valued it more than an 80-page book filled with only with hard-hitting information and advice; information and advice so valuable, it literally changes the lives of those who apply what they learned.

Lol… there was this one “lady” (she used a fake name so the actual gender is unknown) who gave a negative review of my book, yet she claims to have been on four rounds of the HCG Diet. FOUR ROUNDS!

WOW! There are some big problems there with her HCG Journey and I’m not really sure what they are. But I do know that bragging you’ve been on that many rounds is suspicious, unless she started out at 500 lbs or more!

But I digress…

But with Nu Image’s HCG Diet sublingual mixing, , you just pour the ingredients from one bottle into the other, gently swirl — voila! Goof-proof HCG that you can be confident is mixed correctly.

So there you have it, my patented No B.S. Straight Truth about the whole HCG Diet Shots vs Drops vsvs. Troches debate backed by the meticulous research and experience you’ve come to expect from me and TeamHCG.

Next up, how to keep your HCG results and stay fit and lean for life. You don’t want to miss this one, it’s what the whole journey is about.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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