[HCG Diet 5 Lessons Learned] More Lessons Learned #4: The No BS Minimum Amount You Need

“So, how much of it do  need on my HCG Diet?”

Another question I get a lot. Look, bottom-line: you need a minimum (and in our program we use doses larger than this because it produces better results). You need to minimum of 125 IUs of active, effective HCG hormone in your system.

S’funny. Recently saw a post of one of those Yahoo HCG groups for the clueless, where the moderator, in an effort to puff up her credentials, was dismissing our dosing amount by saying it was “too high.”

But what she didn’t know was that higher level dosing was the result of a 2007 scientific study where it was proven to produce fat and inches losses far greater than what you get with just 125 IUs.

Maybe if she read a few more of the medical and science journals instead of defending her little backwater turf, she would have know that.

But hey, science talks and BS walks, eh?

In order for the HCG protocol to work effectively to help you mobilize you excess fat and shed the most fat and inches safely possible, you need at least that amount to reset your metabolism and help you keep it off for life.

Here are the different options listed in order of effectiveness.

In order of getting the max HCG into your system during every single round of the HCG Diet, with no sublingual spillage (impossible), or without losing several days’ supply of HCG from improper mixing and inaccurate dosing (even more impossible)… in order of effectiveness, here they are:

  1. HCG Shots
  2. HCG Troches
  3. HCG Drops

Shots are best, if you can bring yourself do it. Not everyone can… or rather, not everyone is willing.

Sure I had a fear of needles, and I was willing to overcome that fear in order the get the fat and inches off, and the HCG Diet was the fastest, safest way to make that happen.

So that was a no-brainer for me. I was in!

Shots/Injections: The HCG Diet Pros & Cons

Now on the plus side…

Shots are best way to get the  most HCG  into your system of the three methods of taking HCG on the Diet. Period!

Also, shots use less HCG than the sublingual versions. Roughly, you need twice as much HCG for each sublingual round than you do for shots. Which brings me to my next point…

Shots Are Less Expensive

Though shots are the best way to get the most HCG into your system, they’re also the most convenient way to do the HCG Diet.

Just one shot at the beginning of your day and then forget it until the next day By contrast, the drops have to be done twice a day although there are some new formulations that only require  once a day.

The downside of shots…

  • You’ll become immune quicker
  • You may start feeling like a Human Pin Cushion
  • Can’t inject in the same place every day so you need to find a new spot each day to  avoid tenderness and, bruising
  • For most folks, there are only 6 sites for injection
  • There is some risk of hitting a nerve. It’s not fun and it’s no big deal. just painful. In all the shots I gave myself, I only did it twice.

So there you have it. The pros and cons of shots.  So, shots are best because the your body absorbs the highest amount of HCG with this delivery method.

If you can’t bring yourself to do shots, then watch for the next emails on the other ways to take your HCG.

Next up, the second and third best ways to take your HCG

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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