Why I Wrote “Secrets Of The HCG Diet Champions”

Oops, looks like I didn’t finish the story from my last article Just Published! Secrets Of The HCG Diet Champions: The Blueprint! hcg champs01-single

So where was I? Oh yeah… This book series Secrets Of The HCG Diet Champions: The Blueprint to Rock Your HCG Diet Journey was born out of a lot of frustration…

It all came to the head one day when, as one of the admins on the ubiquitous HCG groups on Facebook, that I was stuck, for the millionth time, watching someone new to the HCG Diet regurgitate clearly bad information to someone even newer than her.

How This HCG Diet Book Came To Be

So I had to step in, clear up the bad info and then provide a much-needed Cher from Moonstruck “Snap out if it!” slap. Here’s what I said:*

“Let me ask you this – would you rather learn how to do the HCG Diet from most successful people to ever do the diet… or would you rather learn from a bunch of people who’ve been hanging out on Facebook and Yahoo groups for years going on and off HCG like it’s some kind of diet merry-go-round?

Why are you listening to total strangers who you’ve never met, who have no proof of their results and have the time to sit on these groups all dispensing advice and no one challenges who they are saying?

Do you really want to listen to people who chronically failed the HCG Diet, yet want to sell you their plan/coaching program/drops  or whatever?  Or do you want to do the HCG Diet one last time and never go on any diet again?

It’s up to you. Decision time. I’ve got my results and kept them. So have thousands of my members. But can you say the same for those who bounce from group to group all day long?

And let me tell you almost none of them go on these Facebook and Yahoo HCG Diet groups anymore. They don’t need to. They’re DONE with the chronic dieting chapter of their lives.

They’ve turned the page. They’ve closed the book. They have moved on to new and frankly better adventures. They’re OUT enjoying life. Not hiding behind a computer screen and talking to “friends” they’ve never met and confessing to total strangers how much they cheated that day.

I’ll tell you something else about those who have closed the chronic dieting book on their lives. HCG Diet and other weight-related issues BORE them now. And frankly watching a bunch of other people whine and complain and yak about their latest cheats of the day… it just isn’t that interesting.

To anyone.

Especially not to folks with busy, productive lives. And isn’t that the whole point of doing the HCG Diet? To have a new life? To have a new body, a new energy and the free spirit to go out into the world and do cool and interesting stuff? Trust me, it’s no fun watching the same people fail on the HCG Diet over and over again.”

So you tell me… you’re reading this now. You must have some interest in losing weight and are looking at the HCG Diet as a possible solution.

 “Are You Ready To Do the HCG Diet Right?”

So let me ask you: “Are you ready to do the HCG Diet right?”

If so, this book is for you. I wrote it with you in mind. I wrote it as something to give to family, friends and loved ones when they want to know more about the HCG Diet. What better way to introduce them than an insightful interview with one of the top success stories?

The book is a great way to get started. And make sure you read all the way to the end because in the back of the book is a special limited time bonus for ya, just as my thank for buying my little book.

And then periodically, long after you bought the book, I’m going to be updating that page with goodies for all phases of your Life: Before the HCG Diet, During it (if that’s where you are) and the most important part — After the HCG Diet.

* = (You know that guy who’s got “Gangnam Style”? I’ve got something better – No BS Style. Hey, gotta do something on the HCGD-TV channel about it soon)

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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