The Deadly Diet Addictions Of The HCG Diet

Is the HCG Diet just another dieting addiction?

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HCG Diet Addiction Results?

More people may be addicted to dieting than are addicted to drugs — and dieting addiction can be fatal too.

If you’ve lost 10% or more of your weight and re-gained it 3 or more times, you are 30% more likely to have coronary heart disease.

Your yo-yo dieting makes you a walking heart attack waiting to happen.

And I cannot tell you the legions of HCG (both Rx HCG and homeopathic hcg diets) addicts I see online; on Facebook and other places.

Now I’ve got a free HCG Diet webinar coming up that will help you fix this, but I want to get to the rest of this first, okay? Hang on a bit and I’ll tell you how to claim your spot before everyone else.

Now some of them have been on and off it (along with every other fad fringe) for years — just doing one endless cycle of HCG after another.

See, they never learn to do the HCG Diet right and so their hypothalamus doesn’t reset, which means neither does their metabolism so they can it all back plus the proverbial “plus more” and… well, you know how this goes, right?

If you’re not noticing it in your own life, then you’ve definitely seen it in others.

Seems nearly every weight loss expert agrees: Yo-yo dieting, repetitive or serial weight loss and weight gain is harmful and dangerous!

Worse, it may even slow your metabolism, making it increasingly difficult to lose weight. Because yo-yo dieting actually teaches your body to re-gain weight.

Beyond that, many people may actually become psychologically and physiologically addicted-to this kind of dieting.

Admittedly, the research isn’t all in on this yet. Though many experts do agree that over-eating, binge-eating, eating sugar-filled foods are not just about physical cravings. For example, The Harvard Mental Health Letter flatly stated “Obesity is NOT an eating disorder.”

And then there’s this from a recent article in Women’s Day Magazine said that “…successful weight loss relies as much on the mind as on the body.”

Many people actually become addicted to the vicious cycle of starting a new diet and basicaly run through the gaunlet of negative, unproductive emotions every single time:

  • cheating
  • feeling guilt
  • feeling shame
  • self-loathing
  • disappointment
  • giving up
  •  putting lost weight back on
  • repeating with the next new (fad) diet

Clearly this chain will not be broken by simply inserting another fad diet or substituting yet another pill, right?

See, if you keep trying one diet after another, if your social conversations features the latest diet you’re on, if you lose weight only to re-gain it again and again, if you abandon one diet to try the newest fad, you may very well be a Diet Addict .

Sounds like a Jeff Foxworthy routine, doesn’t it?

And we all know from experience that breaking this kind of addiction isn’t easy and you probably won’t do it alone.  But the mess of conflicting misinformation online in all the HCG Diet gathering places (especially Facebook) certainly aren’t helping you get a clear direction and a plan in place, are they?

Free HCG Diet Webinar To The Rescue!

In yet another bold move that defines the HCG Diet world (2 years ago we were the first to create the first-ever online group coaching program for the HCG Diet), in another first-of-its kind event — I’m doing a free webinar for those who want to use the HCG Diet to lose the most fat & inches in the shortest amount of time and then be guaranteed to keep all that off FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!

Oh yeah! Now we’re cooking with gas, right? Well if you find that exciting then I designed this webinar with you in mind. And not only that, I’ve got some additional free goodies for you just for showing up and being willing to educate yourself on how to do your HCG Diet Journey right.

By its end, you’ll be able to take what you learned and increase your results doing the HCG diet.

So, why am I doing this? Three reasons, really:

  1. I don’t like to watch others struggle when I know it works — from my own experience to those of over 600 others of our HCG Diet Success Stories
  2. Everyone was asking me to teach them how to get amazing results like mine on their HCG Diet too
  3. I wanted to help make better Role Models for the next generation, not “Roll Models.”

Look, I want to help you get off the sidelines, get out of the bleachers and onto The Field of your Life.

I know my entire HCG Diet journey pivoted at this juncture… it went from circling the drain to the fantastic results I’ve become known for – all because 2 people mentored me… coached me on how to do the diet RIGHT.

That was the turning point for me. When I started only doing what had proven to work from those getting the best results and ignored the rest.

And it was at that point the amount of fat and inches I was losing just took off – just accelerated beyond belief!

Weeks earlier, if I had the knowledge they shared with me, just think how much faster I could have lost all those inches and fat I was trying to lose! Had I had access to expert guidance at the start of my HCG Diet Journey instead of halfway through — I might have only needed 2 rounds to shed 157 lbs instead of 3! I try not to think about that too much…

These days, when I’m on the Facebook pages and other HCG hangouts and I’m seeing folks desperately flailing about…

I think: That could have been me. If someone hadn’t stepped up and coached me, that would be me.’

If I hadn’t taken action on what they so generously shared with me, how would my HCG Diet Journey have turned out?

And to keep that from ever happening to anyone else is one of the main reasons I started coaching folks in the first place and why I’m sharing this webinar with you today.

It’s time.

The time is Now to get rid of all that BS… get rid of all those excuses… It’s time to quit playing pattycake with your health…

It’s time to stop dreaming and stop wishing and it’s time to start Doing!

After all, you are going to be learning some pretty incredible things during this webinar.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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