Facebook Busts HCG Diet Wicked Witch For Hate Speech

hcg diet-wicked witch

“Release My Flying Facebook Followers!”

Yep, Facebook busted the HCG Diet ‘s Wicked Witch Of The West!

Yes, our little Negative Nurse, our favorite Crazy HCG Bag Lady, our little Queen Of Hate and her crew of flying monkeys were b-slapped by Facebook for launching a hate speech attack against my Facebook page.

And as you can see, it’s still standing HCG Diet: The Straight Truth. All healthy, happy and whole. Looks like that crystal ball of hers was a little cloudy that day.

Worse, it was all a fake. A fake hate speech attack to report my page — all designed to shut me from telling the truth. But it wasn’t a Toto loss*…  😉

See, Facebook takes real hate speech very seriously (as they should) and when they saw that Sonia and crew were falsely reporting my page as such and then coordinating her followers to follow suit?

All hell broke loose.

On their end. Bwahhaaaaahaaaa…

Especially when I sent FB the screen capture you’ll see below. Scroll down to see it. Damn hard to argue with the facts, eh?

Former President Sam Adams said it best: “Facts are stubborn things.” They sure are.

Hey Sonia, Dean & Jerry — little FYI for ya. It’s not hate speech just because someone disagrees with you, okay?

What was the “heinous” crime witchy-poo and crew decided to go all vigilante on me about?

Simply this, I pointed out that Sonia had lost her nursing license that Summer and only (barely) re-applied and got it, but only after I and others started making a big deal about it.

Hey, I just thought it was unethical for her to use her nursing license to beat everyone over the head with why they should listen to her. But day in, day out she was beating everyone over the head with that same license — and all the while, she didn’t even have it!

Last I checked, that’s valid question to raise for a reporter to raise. Not “hate speech.” Of course, later on, The Florida Board Of Nursing took an interest in her antics. Seems you can’t be a licensed nurse and sell HCG online.

Hmmm… facts are not only stubborn, they are pesky as well, eh?

So when Facebook came to me to say my page had been reported for hate speech, all I had to do was prove my case with the screenshot I’m showing you below, complete with time and date stamp.

They went back to Sonia, Dean, Jerry and company and ordered them to remove it.

But inside sources tell me that Sonia and crew were scrambling like mad to cover their tracks once they found out I had proof of their shenanigans and they were already in the process of covering their tracks by the time FB descended upon them.

HCG Diet ‘s Wicked Witch And Her Flying Monkeys

And look at what those “charming” little flying monkeys wrote while unquestioningly following their queen’s psycho orders.

Frankly, I don’t know which is more pathetic — that Sonia Russell, Dean Yannello and fake homeopathic drops company Local HCG’s CEO Jerry Pierce (Pierce started the ball rolling, that’s his name at the top of the page) felt they needed to resort to such a dirty tactic to silence competition… or that they have so many dumb zombies willing to just do what they say without fact-checking for themselves?

So there you have it, Sonia Russell, Dean Yannello, Local HCG CEO Jerry Pierce & Crew In Full Attack Mode.

Now they’ve ruined a bunch of their competitors with such slimy tactics and rather than fight, the others slunk off to lick their wounds. But nothing disinfects like a blazing blast of sunlight on a bunch of cockroaches.

But the witch a crew messed with the wrong person this time because #1 – I hate bullies and will not capitulate to them under any circumstance and #2, I was an investigative reporter in a previous career and let’s face it — after bringing down crooked politicians and going nose-to-nose with rabid union bosses — I don’t much sweat a community college nurse, her unemployed steroid-addicted boyfriend living off his wife’s money, and a snake oil salesman shilling water at a 500% markup and claiming it has HCG in it.

Piece of cake… in comparison.

Now where’s that bucket of water? I gots some b/witch meltin’ to do…

* = Sorry, When it comes to wordplay, I have no self-control.

Note her cooing appreciation for their “support.” And immediately afterwards sycophant flying monkey supreme Bud Ford goes on a witch hunt across all of Sonia’s FB pages and removes the whistleblower’s name from their roster.

Sonia Russell's Fake Hate Speech Attack

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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  1. Coach Walter says:

    **UPDATE** – In a recent Twitter war, when I called Dean Yannello
    on the carpet for such behavior (he was lecturing me on “be a man”), I asked if he was going to be “man” enough to publicly admit to their deed.His answer? “Maybe you deserved it.”

    Sigh… that’s what I get arguing with someone in full-blown ‘Roid Rage. Lesson learned.

  2. Jill says:

    Exceptionally well written and engaging post. You are proof of my personal motto “The best steel must go through the fire.” You may not be a “LVN, LPN” (in my book the next to the easiest to get medical certification) – but more importantly you are a man who lost a tremendous amount of weight with HCG and have kept it off – and taught others to do the same.

    Keep fighting the good fight. You have for years given your knowledge, time and advice free of charge and countless people have benefitted. I see no issue with you affering a coaching program for hire. Even the bible refers to a laborer being worthy of his hire…. I hope you make millions. That doesn’t offend me in the least.

    Sonia must be a democrat that thinks the “State” should give everyone everything they want for free.

  3. Coach Walter says:

    A Gutless subscriber, an attorney sent this in to TeamHCG:

    “For what it’s worth, as an attorney, the allegation by Ms. Russell that Walter partnered in an ILLEGAL
    activity (emphasis in original) is what is known in the law as libel per se.
    Malice does not have to be proven, and general damages could be
    available. Both Walter and NuImage seem to have been falsely accused of a
    crime in print. Outrageous.”

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