Guest Post 3: 800 Calorie HCG Diet “Nurse” Busted For Stealing

Crazy HCG Diet “Nurse’s” Roadshow Disaster

Ripped Off HCG Diet book author

HCG Diet Author’s Book Stolen By 800 Cal Protocol “Nurse”

Ever throw a party and nobody came? That’s what happened to the 800 calorie’s resident Nurse Crazy.

If you’re reading this article first, that’s like walking into the middle of a movie and trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

Fortunately, I’m looking out for ya so here’s the cheatsheet:

Guest Post 1: 800 Calorie HCG Diet “Nurse” Busted For Stealing

Guest Post 2: 800 Calorie HCG Diet “Nurse” Busted For Stealing

Part 3 – You’re reading it now.

Guest Post Part 3: 800 Calorie HCG Diet “Nurse” Busted For Stealing

Guest Post Part 4: 800 Calorie HCG Diet “Nurse” Busted For Stealing – The Postscript

 HCG Diet Investigative Q&A

Here’s more from Ms. Fish as I ask her more specific questions to get the timeline nailed down…

 “Walter,   As for a time-line, Sonia didn’t close her clinic.

She never had her own clinic. She worked for [name removed – editor] Medical Center and was fired in June of 2011.

I met Sonia in February 2010 and started to work with her on materials for Inches and Pounds in May of 2010. Inches and Pounds was in place.

My cook book was completed in June of 2010 and when Sonia and Dean wanted to use the cook book as an up-sell to The Best Diet You Have Never Hear Of” that’s when they had asked if I was interested in going into a contractual agreement with them for the cook book.

The partners were starting to get very upset with getting no answers as to what direction the company was going in. Sonia and Dean started to avoid all the partners.

Sonia would vent to me how all of them were making her life hell. During the winter months of 2010 we worked on marketing and drawing up pitches to send out to production companies.

The 800 Calorie PR Roadshow Disaster

In January  2011 Sonia and Dean hired a PR group to help out Inches and Pounds to get their name out there. They booked several radio interviews that were to be done by Sonia. Sonia didn’t have a phone land line so she would come to my house and use my private office to do the radio shows. The radio shows would then call my office line.

This is how Sonia met Monica Adams.

Sonia had agreed to put Monica on the HCG diet for free and “coach” her in exchange for more exposure for Inches and Pounds. Sonia thought for sure Monica would be able to help land us a infomercial deal because she worked for Fox.

That obviously did not work out. Sonia was so frustrated with the PR Group because she thought that radio was not the way to go.

At the end of February 2010 the PR Group had asked if Sonia was interested in doing the “Good Morning Texas Show” in Dallas. They had a spot open for March 14th 2010. It was a 3 minute spot to talk about HCG and could plug Inches and Pounds. Sonia at first didn’t want to do it because she didn’t think there would be a big pay off for only three minutes of air time. She also didn’t want to take out funds from the reserve in Inches and Pounds to pay for travel to Dallas.

I am the one that convinced her that she should take advantage of doing the show. All we talked about is how were we going to need to get TV media exposure and here she was telling me she was going to turn it down. Then we talked about that it needed to be a Doctor doing the show not Sonia. Sonia was not qualified to give the interview. Only other choice was Dr. “O” [name deleted by request – the editor]. (This is where things started to get bad between Sonia and Dr. “O”).

Sonia had hired a call center because she thought after the interview aired that thousands of callers would be calling to ask about the book and to sign up for the protocol. A few days before she was scheduled to fly out and meet Connie in Dallas, Sonia called me crying hysterically telling me she couldn’t believe that Dean was trying to screw her over. She was upset because Dean had told her he was going to be on a cruise his family planned the day the interview was scheduled.

I promised Sonia I would work the phone all day and keep in contact with her and assured her things would be ok. Sonia met Dr. “O” in Dallas and Dr. “O” did the interview.

You will see how the network played a segment of  Dr. Oz and his discussion on a show he did on HCG. Then you will see Connie’s interview. (Sonia now uses this on-line insinuating that Dr Oz and Dr. “O” are together on this and nothing could be further from the truth.

[Editor’s note: In case the TV station takes it down, here’s the backup version: Be sure and pay attention to the 1:39 minute mark. Dr. “O” spills the beans by admitting Sonia tested the 800 calorie protocol on several clients. Not the “thousands” Russell open claims in her advertising.]

After the interview we did not get one phone call that day. I spoke with Sonia several times and she was mortified.

Just a few weeks after this Sonia found out that Dr. “O,” Dr. “V”and the CEO of Nu Image Medical all went to a medical seminar together and just Sonia lost it. This is when HCG Doctors Group was born. Sonia told me of her plans to open a new LLC. She said she was going to try to find another Doctor and create a new company to try to do the infomercial. We had one phone conversation regarding this and then I was cut off.

Sonia avoided me end of April 2011, May 2011, June 2011, In July 2011 her old cell phone was shut off. I consistently emailed her and Dean left messages texts and nothing, no response.

I wasn’t on line much during that time and would email and call Sonia and Dean periodically and get no response. I talked to the other partners occasionally and the feelings were the same, we were all pissed off that Sonia and Dean were avoiding everyone. Then in October 2011, I was surfing the internet and just for giggles I typed in the best diet you have never heard of and it was on. Found they were selling my cook book and the diet book all over the place.

I was booted from Inches and Pounds as admin. I joined the 800 cal groups and was accepted however when I strated to post to ask Sonia to contact me I was removed from all groups. I did more research and found people on facebook with links to sell the books and my cook book.  I went and found that Sonia corresponded with Candice Ekberg the

I only let people screw me once, Walter. I unfortunately had very bad judgment with Sonia. Sonia confided very personal and private things with me and many times I felt for her. She is very manipulative in how she does things. She most definitely is not mentally stable** and I am not just saying this because there are bad feelings but, I truly think she needs some professional help.

If she continues on the path she is currently on she is not only a danger to herself but also to others. 


There you have it. No hearsay, just the facts from someone who was there and has the scars to prove it.

So I wasn’t surprised at all when it was brought to my attention that Russell had stolen someone else’s work, stripped off the actual author’s name, formed a new company, sold the book under that name so she could screw over the actual author and pocket the profits herself.

Nice. You want someone like that running your HCG Diet Journey?

This is Ms. Fish’s original book,

original hcg diet book

Dee’s Original HCG Diet Cookbook

Same book but now stolen and "Sonia-ized"

Same book but now stolen and “Sonia-ized”

On the right is the “repackaged” version

Listen as Russell tries to bully and threaten Dee into silence…

* = who now no longer want anything to do with Russell and Yanello and are doing everything they can to divorcve themselves before they get sued

**= Knowing those involved and given the name of the site, should we expect any business calling itself “HCG Doctors Group” to have an actual doctor onboard? Just nurse Russell, her “personal trainer” boy toy and some other trainer. Maybe I missed something, do personal trainers now qualify as doctors? And btw, if you’re the blonde gal R&Y have snookered into being their scapegoat frontman? You better wise up like the 2 doctors and get as far away from R&Y while you can.

Seriously though, it shows their character to so blatantly lie like that.

*** = in the course of investigating this story and trying to find out last year who Russell is and why she’s attacking me, I’ve talked to close to 15 people, and they all at one point or another said the same thing about Russell: “Sonia is a lawsuit waiting to happen.”

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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