Guest Post 1: 800 Calorie HCG Diet “Nurse” Busted For Stealing

hcg diet cheat sonia e. russell

“I steal & cheat because I’m the HCG Diet queen!”

“Why Did the HCG Diet 800 Calorie “Nurse” Steal This Woman’s Book And Pocket Her $$$?”

Answer: because she can. Or rather, she thinks she can.

Like the rest of the weightloss industry, the HCG Diet has it share of liars and thieves. Then one day, out of the blue, I received this email from someone who is both:

“You are a FAKE and a money hungry SHARK! If I see one more dig at the Book or me I will expose YOU as the FAKE that you are!!!! … I will also expose how your previous deal with, PHARMACY ESCROWS which is ILLEGAL!!! , DONT MESS WITH ME WALTER. I am more lethal than you can possibly imagine. BACK OFF YOU SNAKE!”

WTH?! Lol… I was dumbfounded at first. Wouldn’t you be? Who was this woman and why was she going off on me like this?!

I had no idea who this person was but geez Louise… what a way to communicate to win friends and influence people, eh? Bet she was one of (Dale) Carnegie’s top students.

But un-hinged doesn’t even begin to cover it! But whoever she was, she was coming apart so fast folks were getting hit by the shrapnel.

You’ve gotta know she’s deadly serious, right? I mean, the screaming in ALL CAPS and multiple exclamation marks tells you just how “lethal” she is. 😉

Wooo… scary.

But that is how “nurse” Sonia E. Russell, the 800 calorie HCG Diet Protocol’s chief drum major* and alleged “creator” first introduced herself to me.

What was my “crime?”

I had written a tongue-in-cheek article about how local Pacific Northwest medical trade associations were inventing a new HCG Diet protocol to (in their words, not mine) “… to cash in on the current HCG Diet craze sweeping the country.”

They figured out that if they could bump the number of daily calories to 800, then the AMA wouldn’t give them any grief about recommending the HCG Diet.

Now, for the record, that had nothing to do with Ms. Russell. This was in the Pacific Northwest and she lives in Florida.

I had never heard of Russell or her little ebook, then called The Best Diet You Have Never Heard Of and now retitled as HCG Diet 800 Calorie Protocol (to cash in on gullible homeopathic HCG Diet’ers and cheat her co-author and business partners out of profits).

I then had to search around to find out why this woman was coming after me like this.

For more detail on how the 800 calorie HCG Diet protocol came to be,

see the article Dueling HCG Diet Protocols: 500 Vs 800 – Which Is Best?

At first I ignored her. Because with my high profile of being the “most successful HCG Dieter in history,” I daily get email from crazies on the HCG Diet. So, nothing new there. “Nurse” Russell was just another nutjob in a Greek chorus of nutjobs.

But then over the next months she started hounding me all across the internet.

Whenever I commented on something to help someone — there was Nurse Crazy (as we started calling her around the office). Russell blasting away about how she was a nurse and I didn’t have a medical degree and I wasn’t qualified, blahblahblah.

She hounded me across Facebook. Across Twitter. LinkedIn and any other gathering place online for HCG’ers

I took it for awhile and then started fighting back. But that’s another tale for another time.

But apparently, I’m not the only one to invoke the ire of this emotional bully.

Okay… that sets the stage and gives some context to what comes next.

Coming up in part two, I’ll introduce HCG Diet Success Story Dee Fish and then I’m going to let her tell her side about what happened, in her own words.

And let me tell you, it’s all true, I’m sorry to say.

Here’s a preview of the second part of the expose of the HCG Diet’s biggest scandal…


hcg diet


* = Of her many patented falsehoods, she claims to have invented it. See this article for the actual creators of the 800 calorie HCG Diet protocol and why they created it…

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Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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  1. D Sweeney says:

    It’s not always easy to do the the right thing, but I applaud you for standing in truth. In my research, this lady holds an LPN – Licensed Practical Nurse certification – you know one step more educated than the health care workers who empty bedpans and give sponge baths. This desigation and it’s educational requirements,though honorable, is hardly qualified to make medical recommedations that have far reaching implications in any serious health matter. No doubt this is why the legitimate physicians who once aligned themselves with her have withdrawn their support. In fact, if her license is still in good standing, I would think using her title to influence people with regard to weight loss would constitute some sort of professional impropriety and could possibly put her under licensing sanctions for offering what is construed as medical advice from an unqualiied source.

    This is probably something the Florida Nursing Board should be made aware of for the greater good of all.

  2. Coach Walter says:

    Ms. Sweeney,
    Thanks for stepping up. Now that someone has stood up to Russell and Yanello publicly, more folks are coming forward with their own run-ins with Russell and Yanello (he stays in the background, preferring to let his woman take the heat for him).

    Though many have done so, I won’t publish anything unless they provide me proof. And then, even that is run by 3 other independent sources close to this whole mess so it can be verified.

    Fact-checking is a wonderful thing. Then, whatever survives the triangulation — I publish that. Dee’s horror story passed all those tests for authenticity and that’s why you’re reading it now. It’s also why I believed her from the beginning.

    Believe you me, plenty of others have come forward and yet, their claims didn’t survive the vetting process.

    There’s things people say and things people prove. I only listen to the latter.

    Thanks for also stepping up.

  3. Leilaniroote says:

    She is not a “Nurse”  There is a HUGE difference between a LVN/LP and a true RN.  I don’t swim with the LP fish, they are the ones that cannot meet true Nursing School criteria, so maybe that explains why she has to lie, cheat and steal.  I would watch her carefully Walter, the way she is going she could very easily lose that too.

    I am changing careers from Paramedic to BSN …. please there is no association there.  The lies of her clean bed pans and give patients baths … does not need much between the ears.


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