Guest Post 2: 800 Calorie HCG Diet “Nurse” Busted For Stealing

Ripped Off HCG Diet book author
HCG Diet Author’s Book Stolen By 800 Cal Protocol “Nurse”

As I said at the end of Guest Post 1: 800 Calorie HCG Diet “Nurse” Busted For Stealing, the HCG Diet’s resident Nurse Crazy, Sonia E. Russell went off on me and I’m not the only one to invoke the ire of this emotional bully.

Guest Post 1: 800 Calorie HCG Diet “Nurse” Busted For Stealing

Part 2 – You’re reading it now.

Guest Post Part 3: 800 Calorie HCG Diet “Nurse” Busted For Stealing

Guest Post Part 4: 800 Calorie HCG Diet “Nurse” Busted For Stealing – The Postscript

Now let me introduce you to the subject of this series: HCG Diet Success Story Dee Fish, and then I’m going to let her tell her side about what happened in her own words.

And let me tell you, it’s all true, I’m sorry to say.

And she didn’t just pay lip service and expect me to take her word for it.

No, smart lady that she is, she started sending me the documentation that backed up her claims. Plus, parts of it I had heard from others who were caught in Russell’s web of lies and deceit and had been burned.

I’ve seen the documentation and some it I’ll post here.

I witnessed part of this battle, when Dee frustratedly tried to appeal to Russell on one of her Facebook pages, only to have Russell retaliate by publishing Dee’s cell and text number as Russell asked her Facebook “fans” to harass Dee.

Frankly, I don’t know which is worse — that Russell would stoop so low or that there are people in the world who actually took orders from her.


Now, that’s evil. But not surprising, based on my own experiences.

Lastly, let me say this: as arguably the most ripped off guy in the HCG Diet world, having been ripped off by other HCG “experts” too lazy, inept and inexperienced to create their own body of work, I take the theft of intellectual property VERY seriously indeed.

Therefore I offered Dee a platform from which to get her side out in front of the folks.  She needed to be able to do it from a platform that Russell doesn’t control, couldn’t censor and doesn’t get the last word.

HCG Diet Thieves Exposed

So here’s Dee in all her uncensored glory. Take it away Dee…

 “Walter,  Sonia is a lawsuit waiting to happen.*

That is why I asked for all my material to be removed from her and her affiliates.

I had met Sonia through a friend of mine who is a chiropractor. At the time she was employed at a walk-in clinic doing the hcg diet. I had decided to sign up for the program and lost 54lbs. Sonia did not coach me.

During my hcg diet journey I self taught myself researching everything I possibly could. I experimented with foods and made dishes that were hcg friendly and did this everyday for over 4 months.

I received a call from Sonia in May of 2010. She called to tell me that she was so impressed with my weight loss and heard that I had compiled over 100 hcg diet friendly recipes. She asked if I was interested in joining her company to be a spokesperson. I agreed. At first it was agreed that Inches and Pounds was able to use my picture and testimony for exchange of providing me with free supplements for life.

After reviewing the company’s cookbook and food guide that consisted of 9 recipes, I suggested she provided the hcg dieter with better information. In June of 2010 I wrote a cookbook that consisted of 156 hcg friendly recipes, complete with a shopping list and tips for the hcg dieter. I wrote this book from my experience and with information I wish I wouldve had when I started my journey.

Dee's HCG Diet Cookbook  In June of 2010 I wrote a cookbook that consisted of 156 hcg friendly recipes, complete with a shopping list and tips for the hcg dieter.I wrote this book from my experience and with information I wish I wouldve had when I started my journey.

Sonia wanted this cookbook to be a part of the company due to there were plans in the works do do a infomercial on a book that the company’s doctors (at the time Vickman and Odom**) and Sonia and Dean Yanello had put together. She wanted my cookbook to be an upsell to the book they had planned to market. I had signed a contract with Dean Yanello and Sonia for royalties to be paid to me on my cookbook.

In August of 2010 Sonia offered me to have a share in the company because she thought if things were to go public she wanted to lock me into the company. I then became a partner in the company.

Here are the partners:

  • Dean Yanello: Unemployed… supposedly does all the admin and marketing work, likes to call himself “president.”
  • Sonia Russell: Calls herself vice president she is the LPN of the company. Sonia does marketing and anything Dean tells her do.
  • Dr. Larry “V” [full names deleted by request – editor] Dr. Larry a bariatric Doctor who invested a large sum into their company in hopes of making money doing an infomercial on the HCG diet. He’s is a good guy…
  • Dr Connie “O”: The prescribing Doctor for the protocol that Inches and Pounds used to sell online. Smartly, Dr. “O” has pulled out and told Sonia and Dean she would no longer be their company’s prescribing doctor.*

I should also point out that the person they hired to do all the accounting also ended up wanting nothing to do with the company after not being able to balance the books in Dec 2010 because there was information not being disclosed to her by Sonia and Dean.

Ok … From Aug 2010 to Dec 2010 I worked with Sonia everyday on marketing and trying to network for the HCG diet business. Sonia and Dean told everyone in the company that there was a production company who was going to do the infomercial. First it was scheduled for Oct 2010 and then it had been cancelled and set for Nov 2010.

Needless to say they were full of shit and there was no infomercial. Meanwhile, the partners**** were getting upset because there was very little communication from Sonia and Dean.

That was the end of Inches and Pounds LLC and of selling the protocol online.

New HCG Diet 800 Calorie Company To Screw Over The Old

Sonia and Dean then decided to open up a new LLC called “HCG Doctors Group.”***

They did not inform the partners of their new venture. They then took the book that was intended for the infomercial and my cookbook and started to sell it on Facebook, Ebookit and several other outlets through their new LLC.

Because they were selling under a different name, then that cut off the partners from also profiting.

Sonia then created another 800 calorie HCG book and used the same material from “The Best Diet You Have Never Heard Of” and just changed the cover, removed my name and claimed it was her book written solely by her.

Her and Dean stole all the material from Inches and Pounds and started to sell it as if it was rightfully theirs to sell. They have never paid me a red cent in royalties for my cookbook but are giving their affiliates 50% in any revenues. Well that pisses me off!

Sonia has made all these hcg diet groups on Facebook and claims she has done 1000’s of clinical trials and insinuates that she is backed by reputable Doctors (Drs. “V” and “O”) and that is all a lie.****

The “repackaged” version of Fish’s Inches And Pounds =>

Same book but now stolen and "Sonia-ized"

Same book but now stolen and “Sonia-ized”

Sonia never had her own clinic and was fired from her last job.

She does not work under a Doctor and hands out medical advice to hcg dieters on-line that she is not qualified to hand out.

She works on Facebook from home and does not currently work in the medical field.

After Sonia and Dean had started HCG Doctors Group I had spoken to her and wanted to know what was happening. She told me that she would get back to me.

Well, months and months went by and her while her and Dean avoided all my emails and phone messages.

I finally was so pissed off watching what they were doing online that I publicly started to post to her.

Once I took it public, then and only then did she finally responded. She is very unethical in her dealings and very belligerent.

She had texted me over 190 times swearing and threatening me (see PDF below) for posting my cookbook online for free and The Best Diet You Had Never Heard Of. She has asked people to de-friend me on Facebook and posted my cell number asking people to call and harras me.

She has publicly called me a liar and a criminal but yet did not allow me to post back to defend myself. Sonia and Dean are the liars and criminals and they are delusional. They are just trying to capitalize on other’s peoples work and have no intention on truly helping a hCG dieter.”


There you have it. No hearsay, just the facts from someone who was there and has the scars to prove it.

So I wasn’t surprised at all when it was brought to my attention that Russell had stolen someone else’s work, stripped off the actual author’s name, formed a new company, sold the book under that name so she could screw over the actual author and pocket the profits herself.

Nice. But the question you should really be asking yourself is, ‘Would you want someone like this running your HCG Diet?’

hcg diet

sonia pdf clip2

Crazy HCG Diet Threatening Voicemail

Listen as Russell tries to bully and threaten Dee into silence… over 2 minutes of lunacy as the mayor of Crazy Town winds herself up… the irony is stupendous.

In this clip, Russell is upset that Dee is telling the world the truth of what happened and asking for the money that is by right, hers.


 What A “Nurse!” HCG Diet Russell’s Threatening & Belligerent Emails And Texts

PDF icon

The entire group of Russell’s emails to Dee and the president of the ebook company hosting her book

[Right-click to Download]

PDF icon

Transcript of over 200 threatening texts from Russell to Dee

[Right-click to Download]

Next up, more detail on Russell’s dismal failing on the HCG Diet Roadshow from Hell as she fails miserably and then lies to the HCG Diet world about her “amazing success.” It just keeps getting better…


* = In the course of investigating this story and trying to find out last year who Russell is and why she’s attacking me, I’ve talked to close to 15 people, and they all at one point or another said the same thing about Russell: “Sonia is a lawsuit waiting to happen.”

**= Who now no longer want anything to do with Russell and Yanello and are doing everything they can to divorce themselves before they get sued

***= Knowing those involved and given the name of the site, shouldn’t we expect any business calling itself “HCG Doctors Group” to have an actual doctor onboard? But it’s just nurse Russell, her “personal trainer” boy toy and some other trainer. Maybe I missed something, but since when did personal trainers now qualify as doctors? And btw, if you’re the blonde “fitness trainer” R&Y have snookered into being their scapegoat frontwoman? You better wise up like the 2 partners/doctors and get as far away from R&Y while you can. They obviously know something you don’t: all those associated with Rusell & Yanello will be painted with the same broad brush.

**** = This from a separate source than Ms. Fish, the 2 doctors haven’t yet forced Russell to remove their names from her book because they still hope they’re going to recoup their losses to her and her failed company. Good luck with that, btw.

Whew! I’m done… for now. More to come as we untangle this HCG Diet Gordian Knot.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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  1. J Christopher says:

    Looks like Dee has a good case to go after what little licensing Ms. Russell has according to what I have read about the LPN’s ethics as outlined by the State of Florida. Sounds like someone who has done and will do whatever they have to to scrape a few dollars together. Bravo to you, Dee, and to you Walter for turning the lights on so we can see the roaches scatter.

  2. Ronna says:

    I just received Sonia’s book today, and after reading this article, I am going to refuse the shipment, and send it back!

    – Ronna Smith, 10-11-13

  3. Coach Walter says:

    Sorry you didn’t see it sooner, Ronna. I’m doing my best to warn the folks about the charlatans of the HCG world.

    But hey, it could have been worse. You could have followed her made-up protocol and suffered the results (or lack of them).

  4. Coach Walter says:

    Btw, there are 4 parts to that article.

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