Dueling HCG Diet Protocols: 500 vs 800 – Which Is Best?

500 vs 800 Calorie HCG Diet Protocols – Which Is Best?

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500 vs 800 – HCG Diet’s Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

These days the HCG Diet world is divided into two camps: in the one corner is the 500 calorie HCG Diet protocol and in the other corner the 800 calorie one.

My problem with the 800 calorie HCG Diet protocol is twofold: ethical and function.

The only reason the 800 calorie protocol exists is that medical trade associations (doctors, nurses & others) are organizations designed to get their members more business and protect their interests.

But because of the AMA, doctors feel that they cannot recommend any diet of 500 calories because according to their guidelines, anything below 800 is a “‘starvation diet.”

And that’s the ethical problem of the 800 calorie HCG Diet protocol (as well as the 1,000, the 1,200 etc.) — it’s purely a money-making invention of frustrated doctors and medical trade groups and therefore not created because it’s a better protocol.

The sole purpose of this 800 calorie “revision” is to make the HCG Diet more appealing to doctors so they will recommend it more.

That’s a good thing right?

No it’s not, because since the only reason the 800 calorie protocol was invented was to create new revenue for their members’ practices, then that’s not a good enough reason for it to exist, dammit!

This not what we expect from the medical professionals we trust. We expect them to introduce new treatments and procedures to us only after extensive trials and peer-reviewed studies that can be challenged and answered.

Why Both HCG Diet Protocols Are “Doctor Recommended”

I don’t know about you but even if it’s “doctor recommended” (both 500 and 800 calorie HCG Diet protocols are “doctor recommended.”*) But, if they invented an HCG Diet protocol to make more money without testing it first — then that means it’s untested and unproven — then that’s not good enough.

That’s a dangerous combo in my book.

Medical trade associations seeking to cash in on the HCG Diet craze created this protocol simply because doctors get cold feet about recommending any diet less than the 800 calorie minimum dictated by the AMA.

Neat, huh? They had to make up an HCG Diet protocol to fit their financial needs, not based on what was tested and proven to work.

Look, I’ve got nothing against them finding ways to make more money. I fully support that. But I think as healthcare practitioners, they are obligated to thoroughly test their theories before rolling it out to a desperate, overweight public.

But “karma is a bitch” as they say because the 8oo calorie has not caught on, and I totally get why.

While there’s a 60 year precedence that the 500 calorie HCG Diet protocol works, the 800 calorie protocol has only been around about 4 years. Like the homeopathic HCG diet, the “results” are largely anecdotal and missing from any serious study.

But hey… what the heck do I know? It’s not like I shed 157 lbs. in a record-breaking 123 days and have since stayed within 2 lbs. of my last weighing day for years — or anything like that. 😉

And all I used was Rx HCG and Dr. Simeons’ original HCG Diet 500 Calorie Protocol.

And I did it with:

  • No extra vitamins
  • No B12 shots
  • No appetite suppressants
  • No fat-burning supplements
  • No blueberries for breakfast
  • And certainly no protein shakes

By contrast, the 800 calorie protocol and other HCG Diet protocols allow all those things. Heck, without the added supplements, you won’t lose near the weight you can on the 500 calorie protocol.

By contrast, just with those I’ve coached using the 500 calorie HCG Diet Protocol,** have lost a whopping total of over 100, 026 lbs of life-threatening fat and have got their lives back and are no longer prisoners in their own bodies.

No other HCG Diet protocol other than the 500 calorie protocol (that we all used) can (truthfully) make that claim.

Look, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a medical professional, nor a dietitian or nutritionist (though we have all of those on TeamHCG). I’m just a guy who lost the weight quickly and safely, kept it off, systematized it then coached hundreds of others to do the same.

Which means I do have something even more important: a PhD in Producing Results on the HCG Diet.

* = But we have to be careful and be aware of advertising semantics. “Doctor recommended” can mean any kind of doctor — like PhDs and others with non-medical degrees.

** = slightly modified to take advantage of improvements in nutrition and food sciences over the past 60 years.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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