What Is The HCG Diet Personal Guidance System?

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Missing Your HCG Diet GPS?

Is there such a thing as a GPS for the HCG Diet?

In this previous article I talked about:

the HCG Diet’s dirty little New Year’s secret.

I also talked about how I used 2 key skills to get the Results that I got — on and off the HCG Diet.

I personally struggled with doing both of those key skills for years, until I discovered the power of creating and using simple systems to help me condition my brain to do what I wanted and needed it to do.

Then once I discovered that, I got busy creating systems that helped me tap into and master these twin engines of success — to creating a mindset of Action and Change.

But something gets in the way of most folks’ intention. We’re all looking for… something in particular to get from the HCG Diet, something we hope to get. And from all those I’ve worked with and heard from over the years, this is how it breaks down:

  1. You want a fit and trim figure
  2. You want an active lifestyle, to be able to keep up with the kids
  3. To stand up without having to readjust your clothes before walking
  4. To be able to wear what you want, go out with whom you want, ask out whomever you want
  5.  To walk into any store and know that you have your pick of the clothes that you want to wear, instead of having to be relegated to a deep dark corner where they keep all the fat clothes

I think that’s the real hope you been looking for when you looked at the HCG Diet.

You want to use your HCG Diet journey to get those pounds down, get off your medications and get out of the shadow of those obesity-related conditions that have been looming over your head, waiting to drop.

I think this is what you are looking for. Ultimately, I think you’re looking for way to have a do-over ( I was). Face it, you made a lot of eating and lifestyle mistakes in your life. Hey, we ALL have.

And for God sakes, all you want is just want a chance to start over. Because you’re confident that if you could only start over, knowing what you know now – you’d be able to keep that weight off for the rest of your life.  Am I right?

Yeah I know. I can seem a little evangelical at times about the HCG Diet – because it literally saved my life. I’ve also seen it save the lives of hundreds and improve the quality of everyone’s and it will literally change yours, too. If you let it.

So yeah, I get to channel Billy Graham at times.

5 years ago, what I used my PGS and the HCG Diet to shed 157 lbs of life-threatening fat in a record breaking 123 days and kept it off. Now, you could create your own GPS — or you could just use this one…

The one already baked into our 2012 HCG Diet Success Coaching Program.

We’re opening the doors to the 2012 edition this week with a spectacular free webinar you’ll be invited to attend.

Act now and ensure you have the energy and vitality you need for success in 2012.

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  1. Krsplash says:

    YES, I am definitely off the map and ready to do a “U-turn” to get on the track I barely started. I’m really connecting with the term GPS for my HCG. Thank you for being there. Krsplash

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