FDA Gets A Medal For Exposing HCG Diet Drops, Pellets, Spray Scams

FRAUD ALERT: Homeopathic Fake HCG Diet Products Trying To Hide In Plain Sight.

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For Taking Out The HCG Diet Trash, Thank You FDA!

Keep reading because I expose, for the first time, the latest dirty tricks homeopathic fake HCG Diet companies are using to hide the fact they’re still trying to defraud you.

For the HCG Diet, homeopathic HCG (aka OTC aka Over-the-Counter HCG Diet Products)

I recently wrote about the FDA and FTC’s bold statement in Homeopathic HCG Diet’s Last Gasp: FDA Takes Fight To The Scam.

See, here’s the bottom-line: there is only one type of HCG for the HCG Diet and it’s pharmaceutical HCG and it is only available by prescription.


If you bought it at your local drugstore, GNC or ordered it online without getting a doc’s prescription, it ain’t real RX HCG and you’re going to have a devil of a time staying on the HCG Diet protocol (btw, there is only one HCG Diet protocol – the 500 calorie one).
When the FDA recently shut down all fake products know as Homeopathic HCG, the FTC joined them in labeling all homeopathic HCG as consumer fraud.

But due to the homeopathic million dollar advertising budgets and cheap pricing (after all, just how expensive is tap water and a squirt of vitamins?), you may be tempted to believe these online sellers; but they themselves know you’re getting nothing else but a teeny bottle of water!

And they don’t care how much it hurts you. All they want is to separate you from your hard-earned money.

Is that good value for your money? Is that worth paying $49? $77? $99 for a 2 oz bottle that has no HCG in it? After all, you did buy it in order to do the HCG Diet, right?

But now merchant and credit card companies, to their credit, are shutting down all these homeopathic HCG Diet scammers as well.

Here is a snippet I copied from one of the homeopathic emails, sent to all their homeo-pathetic distributors teaching them how to circumvent their merchant account being shut down for selling these fake HCG Diet products:

“URGENT UPDATE: We received notice that certain merchant processors (that process credit card payments) such as Paypal and First Data have closed down merchant accounts that have the word “HCG” in the business name or in the description of the goods and services that are sold.

If you want to protect yourself you need to make sure that “HCG” is not in your company name. If you are applying for a new merchant account or trying to keep a canceled one, you must remove references to HCG during the review process. In your online marketing it is best to refer to the drops as “500 Calorie Diet Drops” instead of “Homeopathic HCG Drops.”

Talk about snakey and sneaky! Doesn’t that just make you trust them all the more that they’re telling you the truth about how well their fake HCG Diet products work?

Doesn’t it make you wonder what else they’re hiding from you? Good. Because it should.

This is just the latest in the grab-bag of underhanded ways they take to steal your money one last time before completely being shut down.

As you know, I’m on the record for consistently recommending real Rx HCG for your HCG Diet. I have not, nor will I ever experience a “miraculous conversion” and one day start hawking homeopathic HCG (unlike the disgraced “nurse” shilling the 800 calorie protocol ebooks).

Right now, there’s only one place I recommend you get your HCG Diet supplies from: Nu Image Medical.

Why? Two reasons, really:

  1. They only sell REAL prescrption HCG.
  2. Theirs is the only HCG I’ve seen that stays at a steady 98.3% potency (the highest in the world, so far)

DO NOT get caught up in the homeopathic HCG Diet scam again this Year!

For more information of to order real Rx HCG that will reset your metabolism… that will reset your hypothalamus… that will enable you to lose the most fat and inches over the following 43 days than you’ve ever lost before — then you want the HCG that ALWAYS works: GutlessInSeattle’s HCG Diet Nu Image Special. You’ll be glad you did.

Just to add the cherry on top and do the Happy Dance on the grave of all homeopathic HCG scammers, I and 12 others took the actual ‘how to fool merchant accounts’ emails sent out by these hhcg companies and forwarded them to the merchant accounts they use. That should be fun.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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